16 Digital Marketing Ideas for New Start-ups
FEBRUARY 28, 2019

16 digital marketing ideas for new start-ups

How are you looking to gain more customers? Startups can be taxing, but don’t worry. Traditional advertisements in radio or newspapers are long gone, you need new digital marketing ideas to grab the eyeballs.

It all boils down to the marketing strategy you use, and we’ve a fair few of them that can help you streamline the workflow and be more productive.


1. Use a referral program:

If you want to get your business started without any delay, then you should try out referral marketing, it's one of those digital marketing ideas that will have your customers will promote your product for you in exchange for benefits.


2. Treat it as a challenge:

For your viral marketing, you need to really make an impact on your viewers. Challenging them will allow you to engage them in your brand. If they see your product as a challenge, they will be eager to find out more about it.


3. Make an exclusive beta:

You will find that human nature dictates us to crave what we do not have. By introducing an exclusive beta into the market with this digital marketing tip, you will be able to gather attention from new users who will want to sign up.


4. Do not skip on the trade shows:

In order to popularise yourself in the industry, you need to build a big network. Visiting trade shows will allow you to get in touch with influencers who will help you improve your business further.


5. Distribute stickers:

You will be surprised to see how much of a difference the small things can make. Giving away free stickers is an excellent way of getting people to notice you. Make sure that they are open to public view. You can also customize your stickers.


6. Connect with forum posters:

There is no limit to learning new things which is why you should regularly visit forums dealing with your industry. You will be able to connect with people who have the same interests and will hence respond better to your promotions.


7. Get yourself featured in a publication:

One of the best ways to get that sudden boost in traffic is to get featured in a popular publication. You should start early and build lasting relationships with large publications that will help you.


8. Cater to a specific community:

If you want to create a customer base as soon as possible, then you can choose to target particular groups. Having a picture of your ideal customer will allow you to customize your content according to their likes and dislikes.


9. Own your product:

The best way to tell people that they should invest in your product is to show them that you have faith in it as well. Do not be shy about showing your love for the product so that potential customers can get social proof.


10. Hold a contest:

We all have a competitive side even though we might not own up to it at times. Holding a contest is another one of the many digital marketing ideas that will allow you to find new users because everyone wants a chance at winning something.


11. Try to convert users who use a competing product:

If you want to identify people who will be willing to give your products a shot, you will not have to look far. Anybody who uses a similar product and is unhappy with it will want to try out your product. You can take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses and impress their customers.


12. Give cash to new customers:

While we all love free stuff, nothing beats getting cash; it's one of those unusual digital marketing tips where you can distribute some money to new customers in order to earn their loyalty. You can offer cash both for registration and referrals. It will be a sure shot way of getting new users.


13. Build a connection with another brand:

Nobody said that you have to conquer the market alone. You are free to take help when you need it. If you think that your startup needs some support to grow bigger, you can join hands with other startups facing similar issues or larger startups that will provide you with a wider audience.


14. Give away free merchandise:

Having your own merch line will allow you to publicize your brand without becoming too pushy. You can distribute company t-shirts and mugs in order to increase brand awareness.


15. Support a social cause:

Studies have shown that millennials prefer companies which are not afraid to take a stand. Supporting social causes will give your company depth.


16. Hit national headlines:

Sometimes, you have to use your creativity and imagination to come up with digital marketing ideas that are so spectacular that you end up on national headlines through content marketing. Once you manage to do that, your customers will increase very quickly.


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