24 Social Media Post Ideas for Business to Establish Social Proof
OCTOBER 15, 2019

24 Social Media Post Ideas for Business to Establish Social Proof

We talked about some great social media post ideas for business that you can use to engage your audience more. However, do understand that what’s stopping you from engaging your business with users is your creativity. So, why not make your creative juices flow and think up more ways to engage your audience?

Here is our second part for the most social media ideas for business you can use to interact with your social media audience more.


1. Post Inspirational Quotes – People Always Love It!

Cheesy, by effective. Post quotes by the leaders in your industry or positive testimonials by the audience that they can relate with.


2. Talk About Your Company Accomplishments

Share the success stories of your company with the eager audience, like the awards your company won, or you have reached a certain number of followers or customers and so on.


3. When Possible, You Can Host a Twitter Chat

A twitter chat is a conversation around a particular hashtag, which allows you to follow the discussion easily and participate in it. They connect people with similar interest. Decide upon a brief hashtag, choose the day and timing and also come up with the apt topics and questions to ask. Promote the chat on Twitter.


4. Don’t Be Shy to Ask For Feedback

While it's an unusual social media post ideas for business, find out how the customers will react to a new feature, event, or your next post by asking for feedback beforehand, like ‘would you like if we create a label feature?’ ,’ interested in a social media event?’ and so on. Even a twitter poll is useful.


5. If Applicable, Do Post How-To Videos

Create short and small how-to videos in platforms like FB, Twitter, explaining how a feature or a new tool works. It makes it more probable that they try it out.


6. Don’t Forget the Product Reviews

It acts as a major sales driver since many people read reviews before a purchase. Sharing reviews of your product or a tool used by your company is a great e-commerce tactic.


7. Be Media Rich

It’s the best way to show how something works. Give the audience a look at your new product, how it works, even out in a tip about it; you'll find that selling the value behind social media one of those social media ideas for business you might not have thought about.


8. Answer Questions on Twitter

It allows your audience to ask a variety of question which may not be possible with just a twitter chat. It’s a new way of interacting with the audience.


9. Have Your Own Spotify List

Sharing a Spotify playlist is a fun way to discover new bands, talk with people of similar interest.


10. User-Generated Content

Show off your fans by posting fan-worth content or sharing the posts on your company by them.


11. Post which Shows off the Company’s History

Share a bit of history and let your audience know how far you’ve come if you're out of social media post ideas for business.


12. Company News Announcements

Let your audience know when you are getting a new space or launching a product or big news in general.


13. Create Regular Series

Creating a weekly series or shows is a great way to use the live video on social media. You could use a traditional talk format or invite in a guest.


14. Repurpose Blog Graphics

Create blog graphics by keeping social sharing in mind. Make versions of your blog graphics to be proportioned to suit chosen social platform and create social media posts or campaigns around them.


15. If There is a Good Video, Share it!

It is an easy way to show how you can get something done quickly.


16. How Good is Your Company Doing?

Create a GIF or a video along with the earnings page on the website or blog post, announcing your monthly or quarterly earnings.


17. Don’t Forget to Share Data

Share the success stories of your customers by getting them involved in a case study.


18. Take Surveys or Share Survey Results

Did you have surveys done recently? What did your customers say? Or, do you have an interesting survey you think your customers will like? Share it with everyone.


19. Don’t Forget to Tell Customers About a New Product


20. Share a Fill-in the-Blank Post

Engage your audience with this social media post ideas for business by asking them to finish a sentence. Be creative.

"What's your favourite ___________________?"
"Fill in the blank: my favorite thing about [YOUR BRAND] is [ANSWER]".
"When I need to [SOLVE PROBLEM], I use [PRODUCT/TACTIC]"


21. Share a Statistic

Another social media idea for business is to make it something people don’t know about yet and is interesting to read.


22. Reshare Your Top Performing Posts

It might even do better in the second round.

You can use Social Analytics to discover those posts.

ReQueue can be used to create e queue of posts to reshare automatically.


23. Promote Your Partners

Shout out to a company that’s doing a good job and support them.


24. Is There Any Good Industry Research?

Having the latest knowledge and research helps maintain a competitive advantage. You can share snippets of research reports, either created by yourself or curated.


25. Share News Roundups using Paper.li

Paper.li can help you write and make custom social-media driven online newspapers. You can curate the content from other sources, and present it at one place.


26. Did You Talk About Any Event?

Let your audience know the latest developments by sharing previews of new products or features.

For example, NAMM used a GIF to promote its exclusive event.



27. Are You Using Emojis?

It acts as a fun factor in your posts. Try using them properly.


28. Did You Try Giving Something Away for Free?

This helps in engaging your audience and also promote your products.

For example, here is one such campaign where fans got a free customized theme!



Now that was a one long list of social media post ideas for business. Try implementing them in your social media strategy. These aren’t the only options. Add in your creative thinking too.


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