25 Common Website Design Mistakes You Need To Fix Right Now!
MAY 27, 2019

25 common website design mistakes

If you are running a business online, your website would almost be sacred to you. And why shouldn’t it be? Everything about your business starts there. Getting the website design right is something that you cannot even remotely afford to go wrong with. Unfortunately, most people struggle with this art and we're going to bring out the common website design mistakes.

The underlying reason is that they focus so much on making the website look pretty, informative and without mistakes that they completely forget that its primary purpose is to generate revenue. An appealing but a not so user-friendly design can harm your business in ways you can’t even think of. You might lose a lot of customers before you even realize the problem.

Let me tell you where you might be going wrong with common website design mistakes.


Common Website Design Mistakes:

  • You don’t have a responsive design: You have a website on which you sell something. Obviously, you would want to reach out to as many people as you can. Then why do you forget that not everyone will access your website using the same device? That’s exactly what a responsive design is about – adaptability. Make sure that your visitors have an optimized experience whether they browse on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.
  • You forgot the favicon: When you browse the internet, don’t you almost always have multiple tabs open at any given point in time? That little icon on the left corner of an inactive tab is the favicon. Doesn’t it help you keep that website in mind? Yes? Then there’s no reason as to why your website shouldn’t have one. It will help your customers remember and return to you; you'll want to avoid this very common website mistake!
  • 404 error, page not found: Doesn’t this message instantly make you infuriated with the website that throws this error on you? Make sure your website isn’t one of those. It will put the customers off and they won’t even try to get back to you.
  • Distracting carousels: If your website has big carousels on the top of the page and they change every two seconds, the chances of your leads getting engrossed with them are way too high. They distract the customers and they forget that they were on your page to make a purchase.
  • Missing search bar: Your leads don’t have the time to browse through all the sections of your website to find out what they’re looking for. If you don’t provide them with a facility of searching for that, they will find someone else who would.


Common Website Speed mistakes:

  • Slow website: People dislike slow things which are one of the common website design mistakes when your developers are creating your website but that dislike becomes a frustration when it comes to the internet. If your website takes more than four seconds to load, people are highly likely to close it and move on.
  • Slow server response times: A slow server response time can even make a fast website look slow. That is because they are indicative of performance issues. This could be because of non-optimized graphics or database. Get rid of them and prevent this common website design mistake.


Common Typography mistakes:

  • Unclear font: More common website design mistakes include people who can’t engage with your brand if they can’t understand your offering. Make sure that you keep the font simple to read. Unclear fonts are distracting and interfere with your leads’ information processing abilities.
  • Multiple fonts on the same page: If you keep too many fonts on a page, the visitor is bound to get attracted to them. They steal the attention that the customer would have given to your offering instead.
  • Going wrong with spacing: To offer a seamless experience to the visitor, you need to make sure that she’s able to read your content without feeling overwhelmed. Keep it concise but keep it easy to read as well. The spaces between characters, words and lines should be such that they don’t strain the reader.


Common Website Content mistakes:

  • Your content doesn’t talk to the visitors: People land on your webpage to find something. If your content greets them with praises about your business but doesn’t provide what they were looking for, you won’t see conversions and it's what contributes to high bounce rates and being on of the most important common website design mistakes to avoid at all costs.
  • Your content requires extensive reading: Visitors don’t want to read everything on your website. Present your content in a way that makes it easy for them to find out where they can find a solution to their problem. Use sub-headings, bullet points, highlighted formatting etc. to your rescue.
  • Poor use of whitespace: Optimum whitespace enhances the readability and clarity of your content. But go wrong with it and watch your conversions take a toll. If you try to fill the entire page with content and leave little to no white space, the user is extremely likely to feel overwhelmed. However, if your webpage has a lot of whitespaces, it gets hard for the user to locate the desired content.
  • Wrong grammar: A grammatical error on your website can make people question your credibility and it's website mistakes like this that need to be prevented, not just avoided. People are not likely to engage with someone who doesn’t do her homework.


Common Usability mistakes:

  • You don’t answer relevant questions: Visitors often come to your website with a specific agenda in mind. Know their expectations and have their potential common ones answered on your webpage. These could be around pricing, shipping, customer support, location, privacy policy, your brand’s USP, etc.
  • Poor search: If users struggle with finding their desired product on your website, they won’t purchase it from you and it's a website mistake that will cost you. Make sure that your search is well equipped to handle complex queries with punctuation marks, typos, plurals, etc.


Common Navigation mistakes: 

  • Not changing the color of visited links: Visiting an undesired link again and again can be frustrating for the user. Make sure your website helps the user distinguish between visited and unvisited links to provide a smooth experience.
  • Centered logo: If you have a big logo in the middle of your home page, your customers might have a hard time searching for the information they need. Keep your logo on the top left and let your content speak for you.
  • Invisible navigation menus: If your website has too many sections and sub-sections, the user might get lost while browsing if you don’t have navigation menus guiding her.
  • Uncontrollable navigation: Anything that distracts the user from your offering is a threat. Content that flashes or moves too much is definitely distracting and if overused, will adversely impact your conversions.


Common Graphics mistakes:

  • Using unrelated images: Visuals can make or break your conversions. If you use them right, they communicate with the user and boost engagement. But, if you use images that don’t relate well with your content, you might end up deteriorating your conversion rate as such images are more likely to create confusion.
  • Poor sizing and scaling: Stretched images are an instant way to put a visitor off. They indicate force-fitting and show that you have not invested time in creating your content. Customers don’t want to buy from someone like that. Also, make sure that you use images that load almost instantly. Waiting for an image to load while having the text handy is a big turn off for many users.


Common Legal mistakes:

  • Missing privacy policy: While the majority of the users don’t read the privacy policy but having one in place instantly instills their credibility in your brand. It makes them feel that you’re genuine and will not misuse their information. However, not seeing one might ring a bell to many and they might think your website is most likely a scam.
  • No return policy or warranty information: People are on your website to buy something which means that their hard-earned money is going to be involved. They don’t want to go wrong with it at all. They need the assurance that they are going to get it back if they wish to reverse their purchase. Not having credibility related information like returns policy or product warranty information is the gravest common website mistake you cant make.



At the end of the day, every business whether online or offline is all about providing a rich customer experience. If you are an online marketer, your website is one of the most important platforms where your customers engage with you. Therefore, making it user-friendly is an absolute must and avoiding common website design mistakes we've outlined should be first on your checklist.


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