7 Effective B2B Video Marketing Strategy Ideas
SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

7 Effective B2B Video Marketing Strategy Ideas

Videos have become one of the most influential marketing tools in the present time. It works wonders on customers, whether you are a B2C or B2B company. In fact, 70% of B2B buyers watch videos to make their purchasing decisions. 73% of B2B marketers agree that videos generate a positive ROI. So how can you use B2B video marketing to woo your customers?

Here are 7 techniques you can use for your video marketing with the stellar result:


1. Use Animated Explainer Videos

You can create a video marketing strategy with explainer videos to explain your products and services, their features, or to express what is business is all about. Animated B2B video marketing is a great way to show the fun side of your business while taking on an important topic.

You can create short animated videos detailing the pain points of your customers and how your product offers a solution. They can also make complex solutions easy to follow while keeping your audience engaged.

You can also make longer animated videos if your topic deserves more attention.


2. Develop Case Studies

Case studies can be the ideal tool for B2B companies to prove the worth of their solutions. You have to provide your B2B customers' facts, figures and data to encourage them to make the purchasing decision as a part of your B2B video marketing strategy. Case studies are perfect solutions and show your customers how your product or service helped other companies solve their pain points.

Case studies can have a direct impact on your ROI by showing how you boosted the efficiency or sales of your client companies.


3. Utilize Sense of Humor

Customers don't like boring and mundane videos, whether you are targeting B2B or B2C clientele.  Try to incorporate a sense of humor in your video marketing strategy to make their more interesting and appealing to your customers. You can create comical scenarios of real situations your customers face and make a fun video around them.

Try to find someone in your team who has the fun element and involve them in your video-making. Funny videos help you develop a relationship with your customers without being sales all the time!


4. Take Help of Micro Videos

Micro videos are short snippets of videos that run for three minutes or less. Micro videos are a great way to tackle specific issues or topics related to your customers or products. They can also be made easily, just by using your iPhone or good mobile phone.

You can also create micro-videos based on specific queries of your B2B clients. Gradually, you will end up with a series of micro-videos that are ideal for the shortening attention span of humans in this age.


5. Integrate Virtual Reality

B2B companies are catching up to B2C companies in the use of virtual reality videos. Virtual reality creates an immersive experience for your customers and helps you create simulations. You can, for example, provide a complete walkthrough of your product or service using virtual reality for greater appeal.

Virtual reality offers a personalized experience to your B2B customers and provides them a closer look at your products or services. In the end, they boost your sales and helps customers get familiar with your offerings.


6. Appeal to Emotions

B2B companies have so far depended on metrics and figures to promote their products. But slowly, they are realizing the potential of appealing to the emotions of their customers to build long-lasting relationships.

Not all videos have to push for sales in your B2B video marketing strategy - you should also make some videos that show the human side of your company and help your customers get familiar with you. For instance, you can make a video of a company outing and show your customers how your employees are having fun.

Appealing to emotions makes things personal, and encourages your customers to form strong bonds with your company through B2B video marketing.


7. Enhance Existing Videos

You may not always get the time to create new videos through your B2B video marketing campaign in the course of running your business. That's why it's a great idea to repackage your existing videos and use them once again. You can give them a new look by adding slides, information, or anything that fits your purpose. You may even mix and match your videos by taking old content and adding it with new scenes.


Final Thoughts

B2B companies are slowly realizing the benefits of using B2B video marketing. You can take the help of our tips to run a solid video campaign and create more leads and conversions. Don't be left behind as 81% business already uses video as a marketing tool and 96% B2B companies planning to use it over the coming years.


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