7 Tips on Creating an Engaging B2B Email Marketing Strategy
MAY 29, 2019

creating an engaging b2b email marketing strategy

You might think that emails have gone out of fashion, but the truth is that a lot of people still use it as a valid communication tool. As many as 86% of business professionals love to use emails when communicating, a reason it’s also an effective marketing tool - but only if you send the correct emails to your subscribers.  We will take a look at how you can do that easily with a b2b email marketing strategy.


The 7 Kinds of B2B Emails You Need to Send Today!

Here are some emails that can help increase customer engagement and sales with b2b email marketing.

1. The case study email:

You will find that people automatically find interest in case studies because they can use their imagination. 89% of marketers agree that case studies often end up being the most effective kind of content to send for b2b email marketing. They help to build a relationship based on trust between the customer and the company.

When viewers see that you have managed to benefit other customers, they will want to try you out as well. Your job is to make the case studies readily accessible to them by sending them via emails. They just need to be short, precise and informative.

2. The Q&A email:

If someone is actually interested in doing business with you, they’re sure to have questions. Sending Q&A B2B emails is a great way to start communication with your clients. You might argue that you put all the information on your website for the very purpose of answering your clients' doubts.

However, the truth is that most people do not spend a lot of time browsing through your site. Even if they do, they will most likely want to know more. Users find it more convenient to have their queries directly answered.

3. The “How To” email:

Once a user registers with you, they will receive a welcome email as a sign of acknowledgment from your side. However, you should not stop at that. Going the extra mile often counts. Craft an B2B email detailing how users can get started with your company and your services so that they do not feel ignored.

More important, with your b2b email marketing strategy, you can include links to explainer videos which will automatically increase your engagement rate. Most users will not take the time to understand how your site works by themselves, so you should give them that extra push.

4. The social media email:

Social media has become a crucial part of businesses nowadays, and you simply cannot afford to ignore it. Social media will help you improve your B2B sales. Most social media accounts can be redirected to your official websites so that users find themselves exploring their options. Sending social media emails to people will ensure that they are able to find and follow you on different platforms. They will stay updated with your latest launches and also learn about their friends' opinions. You can also include ratings and reviews in these B2B emails so that users feel compelled to check you out.

5. The free offer email:

Few people are able to resist offers and discounts, and you should take advantage of that fact. Most B2B companies are choosing to send discount coupons to new users so that they feel encouraged to come back and shop. This boosts engagement and sales.

You can also go the extra mile and offer them free things with your b2b email marketing strategy. You will find that free trials and goods sometimes help to improve your future sales instead of setting you back in the present. Allowing people to try your product before taking money will show them that you have faith in your creation.

6. The curated content email:

Curating your favorite content and then sending them out to your email subscribers will show engagement from your end. You can choose any topic that you like, and share your thoughts about events that have occurred in relation to it.

Content curation will improve your B2B email marketing strategies because more and more people will become aware of your company. Your users will want to do business with you because they will begin to see you as an online expert on different subjects.

7. The re-engagement email:

When you find that your B2B email subscribers are dropping in number, your job is to re-engage them again. You can launch a B2B re-engagement campaign to lure them back. Try sending emotional messages which will give them a nudge. You can also include exclusive discounts as an incentive.


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