7 Ways The Future of Digital Marketing Will Change
FEBRUARY 04, 2019

7 ways the future of digital marketing will change

How are you rethinking your digital marketing strategy this year? No, I am not talking about how you’re planning to edge past your competitors since the future of digital marketing is changing. I am talking about how your business is going to adjust to new technologies and trends.

The web is getting saturated – estimates suggest that there is one website for every 4 people in the world already. And if you’re looking to get noticed, it will take a lot more than just offering something great.

Hate to break it down too you but while 2019 is likely to see a lot of changes when it comes to the future of digital marketing in 2019, you might not like all of them.


So, what’s cooking this year?


1. You might find your SEO to be a tad bit different:

Voice search, one of the greatest developments of 2018, will also have SEO. The popularity of voice searches is already there to see.

Location World states that 2 out of 5 adults took advantage of the voice search feature at least once a day in 2018. ComScore has predicted that almost 50% of Google searches will be conducted using voice search in 2020. People will likely use digital devices like Google Home or Alexa to search the database.

Worried that voice search can lead to lesser conversions since the answer is simply dictated by Google in the future of digital marketing? Don’t. Simply turn the tide in your favour by tinkering around with your SEO before your competitors.


2. You might find algorithm updates to be more complicated than before:

The Moz algorithm changelog found that there were 12 updates made to Google in 2018. Google has maintained an average of 12 updates a year for quite a while now. You don’t have to worry about all of them – many are minor adjustments. It is the quality of the updates that you should be paying attention to. For example, the Panda 4.2 update ended up removing a large number of spammy sites from the Internet because of their low-quality content.

The Penguin 4.0 update, on the other hand, allowed them to not only penalize the creators of spammy links but also devalue the links entirely. The latest updates are even more complex because Google is constantly updating its technology. It has begun focusing on user metrics to determine the relevance of a website, what does the future of digital marketing hold with Google algorithms?


3. You can no longer depend on just one marketing channel:

Facebook and Dropbox managed to become multi-billion-dollar companies using just one marketing channel, that's only because they understood the ever-evolving future of digital marketing. Nowadays, however, you cannot lay all your eggs in one basket because people have become accustomed to ignoring requests and advertisements on social media.

Most marketing channels have become extremely saturated and you will have to stand apart from a lot of competitors. You need to leverage all the channels that you have available. Content marketing, paid ads, SEO social media marketing, and email marketing are just some of the areas that you need to focus on with your digital marketing efforts in the future.


4. Blogging might not be fruitful:

In 2019, the web holds more than 1.8 billion sites, as many as 1 billion of them blogs. Many aren’t updated regularly. At one point, Google welcomed content – especially high-quality articles. Now, there is an overload of content that Google does not want to handle.

So, Google’s picky when it comes to ranking your website. Not only do you have to be careful about the backlinks and the optimization settings with digital marketing in the future, but you also have to keep the content as fresh as possible. It is time to value quality over quantity.


5. There will be new search engines and more content types to explore:

Google rankings have become difficult to achieve, and so the alternative is to look at different options which will give you exposure. Apart from writing content, you can create visual and audio content, and use search engines like YouTube and iTunes.

You will be able to garner attention from people who are interested and soon you will notice the growth. Right now, YouTube and iTunes have not become as saturated as Google.


6. Conversion rate optimization will become a thing:

You might have noticed that the cost per click of Facebook ads is rising. As a result, they have become really expensive. Conversion rate optimization currently produces the highest ROI. Most companies do not dedicate a lot of capital to it, but 2019 will most likely see a change in that trend.


7. Funnels will become important in the future of digital marketing:

Marketing funnels will help you survive in a time when ad prices are constantly rising in digital marketing. You will just have to upsell and then down-sell your visitors. Your goal should be to get more money from the customers that you already have instead of looking for revenue from new sources.


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