Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
JUNE 11, 2019

Own an auto repair business, but your net profit isn't adding up? The business you've always dreamed of isn't exactly becoming the business of your dreams? Competition can be rough, and without proper auto repair shop marketing strategies ally by your side, it can be even rougher. Here are some common mistakes as to why you're finding it difficult to get your feet off the ground.


1) Too fierce a competition

Outshining your competitors might seem to be too overwhelming, especially if you're facing the enemy alone. Our auto repair shop marketing strategies will not only help you brand your name in the field but also build a strong solid persona for your business.


2) No glamour

An auto repair business needs to carry a vibe of efficiency and grandeur, and with our experienced auto repair digital marketing agents will help bring out that unique vibe for the rest of the world to see. We'll help thrust outward all those inner qualities that you know you have to your clients.


3) The right audience

Everyone needs an auto-repair man at some point, but not everyone knows that the go-to guy is you. With our help, we'll make sure your advertisements target and reach the right audience and get your business thriving!

Understandably, you may be a skeptic. You're probably thinking, well, what does auto repair digital marketing guarantee that other standard marketing methods don't. We make it our priority to address all our clients' concerns, so rest assured, our answers are prepared. We'll explain to you why our strategies are fail-proof, while others aren't.

  • The internet is free, use it!

You've got both the experience and the knowledge. Make sure you implicate all that by creating a properly designed auto repair website design that provides a functional, engaging interface for your clients to communicate with you regularly and find out exactly who you are and what you offer.

  • Cover your entire audience

You're probably focusing on your local community and neglecting the fact that your business can grow larger and broader than you can imagine. Don't limit yourself to a single channel; with our aid, we'll make sure your name reaches everyone looking for your services.

  • A solid footing

We're here to put your name in the game and make sure it comes out a winner. With our auto repair shop marketing strategies, we took the concept of word of mouth a bit further; your business's name keeps rolling because we know how to make sure it does.


How do we do it?

With our auto repair shop marketing strategies, we offer success; all you have to do is reach out and grab it. We offer you a variety of digital marketing service programs that you get to choose from; find the ones that suit your needs and will better your business. We'll let you choose for yourself from our many plans (or all of them), the rest is up to us to take your hand and climb up the ladder of success.

A) Auto Repair SEO Strategy Program

Our auto repair search engine optimization program is here to make you the number 1 auto-repair business; it works steadily and consistently through keyword optimization and link building to build community awareness for your business. We keep you in the loop with updates of weekly progress reports on how our white-hat SEO service is driving clients to your website by the minute.

B) Tailored Social Media Marketing Program

Everything is tailored to your fit, even our auto repair social media marketing plan. With low CPC costs, we ensure the promotion of your business on different social media platforms, and given how the economy is co-dependent on the efficacy of social media it'd be an injustice to let you miss out. We also provide various paid marketing plans that have pushed countless businesses to the forefront of their field.

C) Content Marketing Program

Videos, blogs, posts, you name it. Content marketing is one of our main auto repair shop marketing strategies to attract your target audience and keep them in your lane. We write content they'll love, in turn improving your revenue and cater to both you and your audience.

D) Retargeting

We've captured your audience, and they're quite eager and willing. All they need is just one more push to get them in the right direction towards you, which is where retargeting comes in. It keeps your name imprinted on your audience's mind so that when they think auto-repair you're the first they think of.

D) A/B Testing

The primary key to building success is to first and foremost know the client and their specific needs. With our A/B testing program we help you anticipate your potential clients' expectations and make it possible for you to help you fulfill them.

E) Auto Repair Email Marketing

Communicate with your clients weekly and directly through email, or perhaps increase your brand value without having to advertise over and over again. Keep your inflow of clients rising by interacting directly with the client and/or working on your brand value. Can you see your business growing yet? Because we can!


By using our auto repair shop marketing strategies, we're here to help you climb on the ladder of success smoothly, quickly, and proficiency guaranteed. Unified Marketing is here to help you advertise yourself the way you see yourself for the rest of the world to see you too.



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