Barber Shop Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
JUNE 10, 2019

Barber Shop Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

Are you the owner of a barber shop, have a decent number of loyal clients, and have reached a point of stagnation in your business?

The competing arena can be rough around the edges, and without barber shop marketing strategies to your aid, it can be quite the challenge. What you need is the right marketing strategy to help you find your way around the rough ends and Unified Marketing provides just that. Our expertise is crucial to take your hand and guide you along, and here's why:


1) Potentiate your customers

Depending on a limited selection of clients is a sure way to eliminate any chance of prosperity; instead, we'll work to bring in customers from all kinds of places, places you wouldn't normally think to seek with our barber shop marketing strategies. We generate awareness for your barber shop and let your potential clients see why you're the best barber shop they'll find.


2) Add some allure

Ever encounter an advertisement and think, yes, I can see myself using that? We can turn this scene around for you, with your business on the recipient end instead. We'll get your business looking just as fresh as a clean cut walking out of your door.


3) Outshine your competition

Competition can be tough, and just like no one knows their way around a head of hair more than you do, no one knows their way around overthrowing competitors more than we do either. With our barber shop marketing strategies, our digital ads work as leverage against your opponents that helps your barber shop outshine, outweigh, and overthrow them in a heartbeat.


Why have your prior barber shop marketing strategies failed?

You may have tried standard barbershop advertising methods before and have them fail you, but don't worry the story won't repeat itself this time around. It's our priority to confront any doubts you may have regarding why digital marketing claims superiority above standard advertising methodology, and so we've prepared with all the answers with our barber shop marketing strategies.

  • Your barbershop logo design needs to be unique and catchy

A barbershop logo that stands out really catches your audience's eye and gets inadvertently imprinted in their minds. Your logo needs to give off the proper vibe that carries the elite efficiency of your service: a barbershop deserves a well-refined logo to reflect the competence of your work.

  • You're limiting your audience

There are so many areas of uncharted territory for your business to prove itself in; don't channel all your effort into one lane and keep your options open. Set your foot off your local ground and reach out to the horizon with our years of skill by your side.

  • Your barbershop website design doesn’t have a clean UI

A clean-cut barbershop website design interface is a huge advantage to have for your business. Be attentive when it comes to your website functionality; providing a means of open way communication with your clients via your website helps you keep your clients' loyalties.


Where Unified Marketing Steps In

At Unified Marketing, we offer a variety of different barber shop marketing strategies to help build awareness for your business and confidently increase your brand value. We'll give you a preview into a number of our services below so you can choose from amongst them (or all of them) the plans you find a suit you most.

a) Barbershop SEO Strategy

Our prime barbershop search engine optimization plan aims to have your barber shop the first result that pops up whenever a potential client seeks the internet's help in getting a neatly done hair cut. With our white-hat barbershop SEO program, we keep you in the loop with weekly update reports and help increase your revenue promptly. SEO provides the following advantages to your business:

  • generating a huge surplus in traffic
  • adds more credibility to your business
  • stronger ROI
  • gives you leverage over your competitors
  • sends customer data access directly to your inbox

b) Social Media Marketing Program

We tailored this barbershop social media strategy to help you promote your barber shop on different social media platforms with low CPC costs to drive in more customer numbers and make sure your services are found wherever a potential client can or will look.

We also offer paid marketing plans catered to by our barbershop digital marketing agents whose expertise in the field is unmatchable. We are here to make sure your business grows, and grow it will.

c) Content Marketing Program

Guest posting to other websites is outdated - you need your own barbershop website, your own content, and the content creation part is up to us. We'll provide blogs, posts, and videos that all help attract customers and keep their attention focused on you.

d) Retargeting program

With our retargeting program, we'll generate ads that keep looping around a specific kind of audience, the kind of audience that is already willing but just needs a simple extra push, which is exactly what we'll provide. A simple push to make all parties happy.

e) Email Marketing and Brand Value program

Are we done yet? No, we are absolutely not. Take a look at our email marketing program, where you get to interact with your audience directly.

Or, make the community aware of your credentials by increasing your brand value with our brand value program; more brand value translates to more influx, and more influx translates to more success.

f) A/B Testing program

Our A/B testing program helps you get to know your customers' needs better so you can tailor your services to match with their expectations- sometimes fulfilling the simple law of supply and demand economics is the best way to get the job done, don't you agree?


Our barber shop marketing strategies are here to get you standing up and standing strong. With our aid, we guarantee your long term success by helping you'll provide the right message, reach the right people, and become the number 1 barber shop in the game.


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