Case Study: Automotive Performance Center

January 24, 2019

SunCoast Speed Increased Qualified Prospects by 1500%, Featured on Speed and Established Market share in 14 Markets


SunCoast Speed has a proven track record as an upper echelon builder of Pro-Touring muscle cars, with appearances on the “Speed” channel. SunCoast Speed was experiencing the aftermath of the recession, with car enthusiasts holding back on their dreams with their target audience being generated from word of mouth, which restrained growth in a very limited niche.



Explore SunCoast Speed’s Goals:

– Establish market share in the restoration market through multiple national markets in seven key states.

– Transition into becoming a performance center for Jeeps, Trucks & Muscle Cars.

– Nurture prospects through the sales process, with less human intervention to qualify, and nurture prospects.

– Build brand trust, and authority in both antique restoration, and new performance center market.


Explore SunCoast Speed’s Marketing Programs:

– Search Engine Optimization: Get found in search engines for high-intent keywords which have a high probability of converting through local and/or national searches.

– Social Media Marketing: Increases targeted followers and engagement through our proprietary platform which organically generates 300/week avg. qualified followers, while publishing social media posts which walk followers through the sales funnel.

– Content Marketing: Build brand trust, and authority by being featured, mentioned and talked about across authoritative blogs, media, and influencers to support generating an audience through the readership of the websites while building highly authoritative backlinks to support search engine optimization.

– Email Marketing: Have the email marketing funnel establish a customer journey that nurtures them through understanding the brand value and all the way through a conversion.

– Retargeting: Nurture visitors and/or prospects which visited the website, but never inquired and/or purchased with ads that follow them on every ad-enabled website for 90 consecutive days to promote controlling their buying cycle, building trust, and nurturing towards a conversion.

– Brand Value: Eliminate competing, even in a saturated market by establishing differentiation with products and/or services to different segments of buyers, and their current buying stage to promote a conversion due to personalizing your products and/or services to their specific needs by maximizing conversions across all audience types.

– A/B Testing: Cross-test every marketing program to maximize performance across all marketing channels to determine which version yields more conversions.

– Conversion Optimized Website: Get a website that turns visitors into prospects, and walks prospects through the sales funnel effortlessly and into understanding the brand value behind your products and/or services.

– Sales Funnels: Sell through a customer journey of value with a sales funnel that integrates into every marketing program to seamlessly walk your prospects through the value behind your products and/or services through multiple touches.


Explore SunCoast Speed’s Results:

– SunCoast Speed was recognized as The Top Automotive Artisans” by Speed, Forbes, Huffington Post, and many others.
– SunCoast Speed grew its sales and qualified prospects by 1500%
– SunCoast Speed established a pipeline of backlogged projects for the next two years.
– SunCoast Speed expanded to become a performance center as a result of the years of backlogged projects generated.




SunCoast Speed is now recognized as the leading authority nationally in the antique restoration space – they have now expanded into a performance center that’s focused strictly on the performance of jeeps, trucks and muscle cars.

SunCoast Speed grew their sales and qualified prospects by 1500% in a six-month term by acquiring a local and national audience, which resulted in a backlog of projects for several years.



SunCoast Speed wanted to take an approach in becoming an authority in fourteen marketing across the United States, which involved performing both local and national search engine optimization through 30 high traffic, relevant and targeted keywords. SunCoast Speed did have the full marketing program, which included the Conversion Optimized Website that enabled us to take a 365-degree approach in creating distinct landing pages for each of the target markets, which were optimized for both conversions with prospects from local markets considering them as part of their local market and search engine optimization, by having each landing page targeted towards a specific market with a focus on specific keywords. In combination with SunCoast Speed also having the Content Marketing within their program; highly authoritative backlinks were established through major media outlets, and niche relevant automotive websites which supported the rankings gradually increasing from position 60 to position 5 within a three month period across all 30 keywords, which in month four ranked in position one across all fourteen markets.



SunCoast Speed was a visual brand, which meant that it had passion behind its services by target prospects within the antique restoration and performance car niche with the opportunity to establish a strong following across social media channels, although, SunCoast Speed didn’t have the budget to perform paid ads to acquire followers which it would nurture towards a conversion. With our Social Media Marketing program, and through our proprietary platform we organically engaged with their target audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest which lead to bringing awareness and generating 1,500 real and qualified followers per month. In return, the followers were nurtured by the social media posts that were created and published 1-2 times per day, with call-to-action posts that would inspire followers to take the next step in making their dreams a reality with their antique restoration project or new performance upgrade.




SunCoast Speed had limited authority established for themselves in their markets, but if they were going to influence antique car owners to spend upwards of $100,000 for their next project, in addition to having their vehicle transported thousands of miles – it was essential that they had a reason too, which is where our Content Marketing program established SunCoast Speed as The Top Automotive Artisans” by Speed, Forbes, Huffington Post, and many others.




SunCoast Speed utilized Email Marketing to solve a problem of qualifying prospects, nurturing them and walking them through their sales funnel due to the large number of inquiries they received as a result of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing. With limitations to the number of vehicles they could service in a certain period of time, SunCoast Speed wanted to qualify prospects based on the intent through an initial series of emails that are sent, and their actions to those emails in order to maximize revenue with the highest-ticket clients being processed first, while the pipeline is continuously nurtured for a conversion.



SunCoast Speed employed retargeting to nurture each website visitor that visited their website and expressed interest for longer than five minutes on one of their service pages that left without completing an inquiry form. For the next consistent 90 days, these visitors were followed with ads for the service that they were interested in, promoting a discount of 15% off their next project if they inquired in the next 24 hours which surgest qualified prospects through the pipeline, and which eliminated the prospects search for comparing costs with competitors.



SunCoast Speed wanted recognition through 14 national markets, being recognized for both a builder of Pro-Touring muscle cars, alongside a performance center for Jeeps, Trucks & Muscle Cars which consisted of prospects in two different market mentalities. While we understand that SunCoast Speed was transitioning into the secondary market being their primary, we focused on their entire brand messaging being concise with being known as “The Top Automotive Artisans” which was integrated into their entire marketing program, and materials in comparison to their competitors being known as “automotive shops or restoration shops” which brought SunCoast Speed out of their market, and made them more exclusive.




SunCoast Speed had a large advantage with A/B Testing which enabled them to gauge and more importantly create trends that would drive inquiries for the services that they offered. Through their A/B testing program – SunCoast Speed created multiple variations of vehicle build-outs for each service line, and it was infused into every marketing program. Not only did this give their prospects a vision for their next project with their vehicle, but it also allowed them to cross-test which build-out worked best, and which they would use as their default once it was proven that a specifically build-out for each service worked better than the prior version. A/B testing considerably supported SunCoast Speed building personalization with their prospects, establishing a vision for their next project, and also creating trends for antique and high-performance vehicle build-out projects.




SunCoast Speed had an iconic Conversion Optimized Website created which established the brand, authority, and trust they needed to compete in their multi-national markets. Knowing that SunCoast Speed wanted to appear specialized in the antique restoration market, all while progressing towards becoming a performance center for Jeeps, Trucks & Muscle Cars – bridging the gap between the two was no easy task, instead, we brought them together with each service line having its own unique sales funnel.


– Sales Funnels

SunCoast Speed utilized their sales funnel, which cross-synced with multiple marketing programs – Retargeting, Email Marketing, A/B Testing, and Social Media Marketing. When a prospect visited their website, each service line was segmented; based on their interest they would select the appropriate service line which would result landing into a dedicated landing page that was a part of their sales funnel, which nurtured the prospect through their email marketing program if inquired through the form; if they didn’t, retargeting would nurture the prospect through inquiring, followed by A/B testing demonstrating a potential for build-outs through social media marketing.


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