Case Study: Conversion Optimized Website for Cannabis Testing Lab

January 26, 2019

2 River Labs Increases Conversions with Conversion Optimized Website

2 River Labs is Northern California’s Premier Cannabis Testing Lab, which is based in Sacramento; is dedicated to using state of the art equipment to conduct Cannabis testing services for the State of California. Backed by a team with breadth of experience in science, technology, finance, and operations – 2 River Labs provides testing services which meet the Bureau of Cannabis Control Requirements.



Explore 2 River Lab’s Goals:

– Eliminate the current one-page website; establish a Conversion Optimized Website that builds brand authority and trust.

– Create comprehensive inner-pages which establish subject-matter expertise for Cannabis testing services.

– Streamline the testing process by enabling the ability to begin the testing process online.

– Create website content that’s optimized for both search engines and conversions.


Explore 2 River Lab’s Conversion Optimized Website Program:

– Unified Marketing Report: Get your conversion optimized website report which defines your entire website and brand experience with a walkthrough of essential conversion factors. Approve and execute or cancel with a full refund.

– Best-in-Class Platforms: We design based on the best platforms for marketing such as WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify; we’ll ensure that you make the right choice.

– 100% Custom Websites: We only work with a 100% blank canvas when creating your website, which means no templates or stock photography only to ensure your website resembles the value behind your brand.

– Designed for Mobile: We design for a mobile experience first, which means we work towards ensuring that your website introduces the same experience on all mobile devices, not just desktop or laptops.

– Integrate CRM & Analytics: We’ll integrate your CRM to ensure that every lead is captured into your sales funnel and integrate real-time analytics, predictive analytics and more!

– We’ll do it all for you: Work hand in hand with a dedicated website consultant and our team of designers, developers and content writers to build a high performing website.




Explore 2 River Lab’s Outcome:

2 River Labs has a Conversion Optimized Website created which walks their visitors through the conversion process with a simple, yet comprehensive feel; understanding that they offer scientific laboratory testing services, the brand essence that reflects is professional, yet modern. More so, their website walked target prospects through learning about their brand, and into the testing services they offer with in-depth descriptions, the technology and tools behind them that differentiate them in the market in comparison to competitors, alongside FAQ’s that eliminate commonly asked questions. More importantly, their website contains the ability to begin testing immediately through a simple online process which was traditionally processed by hand.


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