Case Study: Destination Wedding Planner

January 26, 2019

Destination Weddings Increased Qualified Prospects by 164%, Conversions by 3000% Across Six Countries

A luxurious destination wedding planner serving Dubai, Maldives, Italy, Ireland and many other international destinations with an average transaction size of $100K for an all-inclusive wedding, struggling to generate qualified prospects, establish value in comparison to leaders in the space and convert prospects for their all-inclusive weddings, rather than split-up services to avoid becoming a commodity.



Explore Destination Wedding’s Goals:

– Establish brand trust and authority in a commodity space.

– Generate highly qualified prospects seeking all-inclusive destination weddings.

– Establish product/service value as the #1 destination wedding planner.

– Generate position one rankings in search engines in eight different countries.


Explore Destination Wedding’s Marketing Programs:

– Search Engine Optimization: Get found in search engines for high-intent keywords which have a high probability of converting through local and/or national searches.

– Social Media Marketing: Increases targeted followers and engagement through our proprietary platform which organically generates 300/week avg. qualified followers, while publishing social media posts which walk followers through the sales funnel.

– Content Marketing: Build brand trust, and authority by being featured, mentioned and talked about across authoritative blogs, media, and influencers to support generating an audience through the readership of the websites while building highly authoritative backlinks to support search engine optimization.

– Email Marketing: Have the email marketing funnel establish a customer journey that nurtures them through understanding the brand value and all the way through a conversion.

– Retargeting: Nurture visitors and/or prospects which visited the website, but never inquired and/or purchased with ads that follow them on every ad-enabled website for 90 consecutive days to promote controlling their buying cycle, building trust, and nurturing towards a conversion.

– Brand Value: Eliminate competing, even in a saturated market by establishing differentiation with products and/or services to different segments of buyers, and their current buying stage to promote a conversion due to personalizing your products and/or services to their specific needs by maximizing conversions across all audience types.

– A/B Testing: Cross-test every marketing program to maximize performance across all marketing channels to determine which version yields more conversions.

– Conversion Optimized Website: Get a website that turns visitors into prospects, and walks prospects through the sales funnel effortlessly and into understanding the brand value behind your products and/or services.

– Sales Funnels: Sell through a customer journey of value with a sales funnel that integrates into every marketing program to seamlessly walk your prospects through the value behind your products and/or services through multiple touches.


Explore Destination Wedding’s Results:

– Qualified prospects increased by 164% from 4 prospects per month to 121.

– Conversions increased by 3000% from 1 prospect per month to 60 in a three-month term.

– Destination Weddings was featured on prominent industry websites where brides-to-be interview wedding planners, including WeddingsOnline and many other authoritative sources

– Destination Weddings was rated the “Wedding Planner of The Year” by

– Search results for “wedding planner” across Dubai, Maldives, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Turkey are now ranking in #1 position for Destination Weddings, owning the market over local wedding planners.



Destination Weddings has established a highly authoritative brand in the destination wedding niche, but also across six different countries due to high demand as a result of the brand authority and trust that was established translating to a 164% increase in qualified prospects, increase in conversions by 3000% and being rated as the “Wedding Planner of The Year” by



Destination Weddings took an approach with performing search engine optimization internationally, through Dubai, Maldives, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Turkey competing with local wedding planners, most of which have the competitive advantage of age, domain authority, and relevance in the local market; Weddings Online utilized one single domain name which would target all destinations internationally with search engine optimization landing pages targeting each destination, targeting a total of fifteen high traffic keywords which progressively began ranking through the first 30 days in position 80, while gradually decreasing to position 30 in 60 days and comfortable ranking in the first ten results on the first page of Google, battling rank fluctuation with competitors for another 14 days until stabilizing in position 2-3, with position on consisting of Google Snack Pack.



Destination Weddings had an objective of ensuring that their target audience understood the exclusivity behind their destination wedding planning services; their social media marketing strategy consisted of our proprietary platform generating highly qualified 5,000+ followers in three months based on users who recently followed wedding planning resources, recently announced their engagement, which in return landed them on a posting strategy which consisted of showcasing their recent weddings, videos reels of the wedding planning process which emphasize on expertise, followed by inspiration on wedding destinations, exclusive venues, and the seasonal look book which was created by Wedding Destinations as a opt-in downloadable resource which converted social media followers into subscribers to be nurtured through the email marketing funnel.


Destination Weddings was targeting a unique market of destination weddings with a minimum of $80K, which means that the brides-to-be were looking for experience, combined with living their dream wedding, all which required authority and trust being established for an originally local-focused wedding planner gone destination-based international. Through our Content Marketing Program, Destination Weddings was featured on prominent industry websites where brides-to-be would regularly visit, including WeddingsOnline, and where they were rated as the “Wedding Planner of The Year” yielding the reputation that they would need to gauge trust with posh brides-to-be. Not only did the outcome of the Content Marketing program result in generating more than 30+ highly qualified prospects, build brand authority and trust, but it also supported their search engine optimization program with highly authoritative backlinks, which is a major ranking factor for search engines and one of the primary reasons of which how they were able to rank in page one across several international markets.


Destination Weddings used their Email Marketing program to nurture prospects which originated from their social media follower after opting-in to the seasonal lookbook resource, which means that the subscribers were brides-to-be who were already familiar with the brand; that they’re planning their wedding in the next year – this combination was the perfect duo for nurturing the prospects for the next step of engaging with Destination Weddings to exchange thoughts of planning their grand destination wedding with an email marketing funnel which consistently introduced “subscriber only” destinations, and venues that gave the brides-to-be a vision. More so, after the bride-to-be opened and clicked one of the reasons within the email, they’d receive human-like follow-ups from their dedicated wedding planner every few days, which 84% of resulted in a free consultation being booked. Not only did this eliminate the time of wedding planners having to reach out to each subscriber, but it introduced behavior-based patterns that expressed strong interest that a human would not have otherwise known.


Destination Weddings had quite long sales cycles as each and every bride-to-be wanted to know that they were making the right pick with their wedding planner, which also means that they were exploring all of the options that the market has to offer – which meant that they were also exploring local wedding planners in those markets that had a stronger advantage of local presence; this is where retargeting stepped in to keep Destination Weddings top-of-mind for brides-to-be on every ad-enabled website that they visited for 90 consecutive days, through various ads that consistently built brand authority and trust, gave vision for wedding destinations, weddings, and offered free resources such as lookbooks to demonstrate expertise. Considerably, Retargeting for Destination Weddings yielded in 35 prospects converting into clients as a direct result of retargeting based on Real-time Analytics which has the ability to track prospects from their origin through conversion.



Destination Weddings originally started with offering local wedding planning services with little to no differentiation, although wanted to target international weddings around the globe with a minimum spend of $85K, which means that they needed to segment themselves into their own unique niche which they’ve become the thought leader of named “Destination Weddings” which consists of all-inclusive weddings tailored towards international destinations. If Destination Weddings didn’t implement this Brand Value into their business model, it would be nearly impossible to establish themselves in a competitive position in the market where they own the niche of Destination Weddings.



Destination Weddings had many spinning wheels to their marketing program which generated, nurtured, and focused on converting their audience, but their most important concern was to ensure that they were focused on having consultations with highly qualified prospects as many may have the misinterpretation that “Destination Weddings” aren’t associated with a large price tag. A/B Testing for Destination Weddings consisted ensuring that their email marketing strategy was self-qualifying their prospects through various calls-to-action, alongside focusing on ensuring that their search engine optimization was laser-focused on keywords associated with exclusive weddings, that social media marketing was generating followers which were also following other high-ticket merchants, and that content marketing was reinstating the exclusiveness with destination weddings. In closing, A/B testing was a critical aspect of their marketing program which begins with 60% of their prospects being unqualified for destination weddings to an average 5% to-date not being qualified for destination weddings.


Destination Weddings was introduced a Conversion Optimized Website which was visually focused on showcasing the destinations, alongside venues associated with each destination so that brides-to-be could have a vision of their special day with Destination Weddings. More so importantly, aside from traditional calls-to-actions, Destination Weddings used resources such as “Lookbooks” which give an in-direct intent of interest without making a commitment to speak with a wedding planner as not every bride-to-be is ready to take the next step, at least for right now – which is where the email marketing program would nurture them through until they’re ready to speak with a wedding planner.

– Sales Funnels

Destination Weddings had a sales funnel created for each destination, which consisted of landing pages that showcased the destination, demonstrated local expertise, exclusive opt-in access to venues, lookbooks, and other resources which worked in sync with other marketing programs – such as Email Marketing, Retargeting and Conversion Optimized website to nurture the prospect through the funnel.


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