Case Study: Email Marketing for Call Answering Service

January 26, 2019

HelloSales Increased Conversions by 56% and Reduced Churn by 15% with Email Marketing

HelloSales is a call answering service which is focused on acting as a lead response team in comparison to traditional answering services which are more-so tailored towards just accepting incoming calls. In comparison, HelloSales offers a mixture of personalization with each around-the-clock phone call acting as a lead capturing service through representatives that are trained to assess, qualify and pass-off leads in real-time with each incoming call through their platform so that your sales representatives can follow-up, on qualified prospects, rather than handling incoming phone calls, with HelloSales acting as liaison between the two.



Explore EchoScribe’s Goals:

– Establish an email marketing funnel which would nurture prospects after inquiring into understanding the value behind the services in comparison to more cost-effective alternatives, all the way through a conversion.

– Establish multiple variations and messaging through email template, both which appear human-like as if a sales representative is following-up with the prospect, alongside templated email templates which focus on emphasizing value and delivering brand-centric messaging.

– Walk customers through a customer journey of value after either registering for a free trial or subscribing into understanding the usage behind HelloSales, it’s platform, alongside consistently reinstating value behind the service to reduce churn.

– Integrate the email marketing funnel with the CRM, so that HelloSales representatives can act of emails that have been opened, clicked, but not responded too with follow-up calls moments after the action occurred to promote personalization behind the service which represents the core values of HelloSales.

– Perform A/B testing across the Email Marketing program to consistently improve based on weekly feedback from both prospects nurturing and active customer nurturing to maximize on potentially lost opportunities.


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– Measure Performance: We’ll measure email marketing performance of our email marketing agency based on analytics that defines subscriber growth, track opens, clicks, conversions, unsubscribes and forwards to optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

– Reanalyze & Repeat: We’ll reanalyze the progress behind your small business email marketing after a certain period of time, improve based on analytics and repeat the process with a new and improved approach.


Explore EchoScribe’s Results:

– HelloSales had an email marketing funnel established which walked new prospects through a journey of value across their call answering service, an alternative to traditional competitors by creating a 25 email sequence of human-like emails that would nurture potential prospects through the pipeline and reflect the fast nature of response times that HelloSales is known for. For example, when a potential prospect inquired, they would receive plans and pricing, followed by an invitation for an exclusive demo, followed by case studies, a comparison with benchmarks against competitors, a demo of other competitors with a trial that HelloSales ran which resulted in increasing conversions for paid-services by 56% in comparison to their previous 1-2 email marketing funnel which had a conversion rate of 12% simply because it did not nurture their customers through the sequence of value, alongside making the emails as human-like (not templated) as possible.

– In order to efficiently nurture prospects through a human-like email funnel, not only is timing important but basing the email sequence on their interactions with the emails. In an example, if a customer did not open the prior email, the following email would need to reinstate that email with a follow-up in order for it to appear natural. If a customer clicks a link to view a demo, a follow-up should occur asking what part of the demo did not fit their needs if the pixel shows that they did not convert into a customer. By measuring the email marketing analytics behind every email, it improved responses by 26% in comparison when not doing so being a 6% benchmark.

– HelloSales established a post-purchase email funnel which would continue to reflect the same personalized approach in an effort of helping reduce churn by reinstating the value of the services to the customer, alongside walking them through a 30-day sequence of using features that will specifically promote using the features that HelloSales platform has to offer. Bear in mind, the post-purchase email marketing strategy also utilizes a human-like approach; while the consistent emails may appear ‘intrusive’ it was found that customers felt like they have a personal account manager that cared about their experience with responses to common questions occurring, improving both customer satisfaction and reducing churn by 15%, originally at 45%.

– HelloSales Email Marketing program was integrated with their CRM with real-time notifications for each and every email open, click, and forward which enabled HelloSales to effortlessly follow-up within moments’ notice after a prospect opened an email, and clicked a link so that customers could not only experience the speed of HelloSales follow-up calls, which is the nature of their service but so that there was larger opportunity of the sales representative walking the customer down the sales pipeline as they were viewing their email. As a direct result of the integration, HelloSales experienced an average conversion rate of 80% when following-up with prospects using real-time email notifications.


– Explore EchoScibe’s Outcome

HelloSales understood that they needed to ensure that their email marketing strategy was as concise as their lead response answering service; through implementing a pre-purchase and post-purchase email nurturing strategy, HelloSales was able to effortlessly minimize human follow-ups through email, while focusing on their core business model as a call answering service. Considerably, the pre-purchase email nurturing strategy increased conversions for paid-services by 56% in comparison to their previous 1-2 email marketing funnel which had a conversion rate of 12% while the post-purchase reduced churn by 15%, originally at 45%. Combining both, HelloSales is able to automate 90% of their email marketing through human-like follow-ups that essentially sell the value behind their service, without having to send a single email but retaining the same personalized experience as if a sales team was corresponding and following-up with prospects and customers.


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