Case Study: Local & National Yoga

January 26, 2019

Local Yoga Studio Went National With Proprietary Programs, Increased Class Registrations Increased by 130%

Yoga & Meditation is a holistic yoga and meditation studio serving a local audience in San Francisco which struggled to establish their selves as a prominent leader in a commodity space, resulting in clients joining their classes but dropping out for other more affordable alternatives.



Explore Glo’s Goals:

– Establish brand trust and authority over local yoga studios

– Generate walk-ins and registrations for classes from multiple marketing channels.

– Increase repeat visits and decrease class dropout rates


Explore Glo’s Marketing Programs:

– Search Engine Optimization: Get found in search engines for high-intent keywords which have a high probability of converting through local and/or national searches.

– Social Media Marketing: Increases targeted followers and engagement through our proprietary platform which organically generates 300/week avg. qualified followers, while publishing social media posts which walk followers through the sales funnel.

– Content Marketing: Build brand trust, and authority by being featured, mentioned and talked about across authoritative blogs, media, and influencers to support generating an audience through the readership of the websites while building highly authoritative backlinks to support search engine optimization.

– Email Marketing: Have the email marketing funnel establish a customer journey that nurtures them through understanding the brand value and all the way through a conversion.

– Retargeting: Nurture visitors and/or prospects which visited the website, but never inquired and/or purchased with ads that follow them on every ad-enabled website for 90 consecutive days to promote controlling their buying cycle, building trust, and nurturing towards a conversion.

– Brand Value: Eliminate competing, even in a saturated market by establishing differentiation with products and/or services to different segments of buyers, and their current buying stage to promote a conversion due to personalizing your products and/or services to their specific needs by maximizing conversions across all audience types.

– A/B Testing: Cross-test every marketing program to maximize performance across all marketing channels to determine which version yields more conversions.

– Conversion Optimized Website: Get a website that turns visitors into prospects, and walks prospects through the sales funnel effortlessly and into understanding the brand value behind your products and/or services.

– Sales Funnels: Sell through a customer journey of value with a sales funnel that integrates into every marketing program to seamlessly walk your prospects through the value behind your products and/or services through multiple touches.


Explore Glo’s Results:

– Glo established multiple reputable yoga programs.

– Walk-ins increased by 70% from 2 walk-ins per week to 50.

– Class registrations increased by 130% from 10 per month to 140.

– Online classes and programs were launched to decrease location costs and to expand into national markets.



Glo had a local and national Search Engine Optimization program, where-as the local approach targeted high-intent purchasing keywords targeting the San Francisco area for in-class yoga; the national approach targeted all of the United States for their online-based classes and programs. With the combination of local and national, Glo needed to establish strong domain authority in order to rank for 30 highly competitive keywords which would generate an estimated 13,540 visitors per month with the Search Engine Optimization program focusing mostly on Content Marketing to establishing highly authoritative backlinks (DA 40+) since the domain hasn’t built any backlinks in the past that compare to the competitiveness of the current keyword strategy.


Glo had to reflect their brand across their social media posts effortlessly, with each post focusing on “Experiencing what’s on the inside” coinciding to both their yoga classes, alongside their class membership options by having social media posts curated that focus on yoga motivation, class video reels to “see what’s on the inside” alongside photography that would engage their target audience to coincide with finding their “inner-piece” through their classes. More so, through our proprietary platform Glo had the ability to acquire targeted followers who either have an interest in Yoga as beginners, all the way through an expert level based on other pages and/or posts that they’ve interacted with in the past; with this ability, in combination with their social media posts which focused on reflecting the brand essence more than “selling” they quickly reached 12K followers in three months, with a conversion rate of 3.9% from social media that’s strongly focused on the online classes which they were wanting to expand on.



Glo wanted to focus on being the first-in-market to introduce online yoga classes and programs while expanding from their studio in San Francisco; the most cost-effective method to not only reach their target audience but to use the power of influence to bring this new concept of “yoga classes online” past the proof-of-concept stage and into proven and time-tested was through Content Marketing which resulted Glo being featured in the San Francisco Chronicle as the most “Innovative Start-up of The Year” in San Francisco, boasting their studio and supporting their transition into the “online only” concept. More so, it was followed by many other features through Business Insider, Mashable, Huffington Post and associated with being the “on-to-go” way to do yoga.



Glo was based on a subscription model with their classes and programs, both in-studio and online which meant that churn was important to improve, as it is in any PaaS start-up. Glo employed its Email Marketing program to nurture users who have subscribed throughout the programs and classes various phases, broken down into tips and methods to live a holistic life in order to ensure that the subscribers were consistently engaged and reminded of the benefits of the programs and classes and how it contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. Real-time Analytics found that the Email Marketing program resulted in churn being reduced by 30% from its original 45% churn rate to a consistent 15% churn rate.


Glo used Retargeting in both pre-purchase and post-purchase to nurture their target audience across every ad-enabled website they visited, alongside social media. For pre-purchase visitors (which visited the website, but never subscribed) they utilized retargeting to offer a free two-week trial, which improved conversion rates by 45%; for post-purchase, Retargeting was utilized to provide free giveaways and contests to win Glo merch as another method to continuously build brand awareness due to their subscription-based model nature which supported decreasing churn, alongside the Email Marketing program.



Glo needed to evolve into introducing a new model of doing yoga on-the-go, in comparison to their current model which was traditional yoga in their studio. Why? Glo wanted to capture more market share and reduce the costs of real estate, on-site instructors, and beyond; that meant that Glo needed to reproduce their proven in-class concept of programs and classes into an online-only version with the same type of experience that in-class provided. As a result, the Glo brand increased walk-ins from 2 per week to 50 with online class registrations rising by 130% from 10 to 140 per month due to both in-class and online-only supporting one another and being the perfect-duo.



Glo had the advantage of targeting a local and national audience through their marketing program, but that also meant that Glo needed to consistently tailor the experience to both by cross-testing different variations of their brand essence to determine which version works. For example – they had multiple levels of classes and program for yoga beginners, intermediate, and expert where an Expert level yoga user wouldn’t want to see entry-level content, otherwise it wouldn’t appear tailored towards them, even though it is; A/B testing the targeting towards all audiences and ensuring that it was correctly segmented across all marketing programs such as Social Marketing Marketing, Retargeting, and Email Marketing was very important otherwise it would contribute to an increase in churn for registered users and a decrease in conversions for unregistered users.


Glo’s Conversion Optimized Website was a unique and contemporary experience that aligned with all skill levels of yoga users, focused and aligned on the “What if everything you need is already inside?” slogan which promoted the practice of yoga, alongside their online-classes and programs which guide users towards finding their inner-zen. Clean, crisp and optimized towards ensuring that users understand that they’ll receive the same level of attention and personalization as they would with in-person classes, the website was a one-page landing page (with the exception of the Sales Funnel) that focused on having users quickly understand the service with clear calls-to-action to subscribe towards a free two week trial, which other marketing programs would nurture through to a paid account.

– Sales Funnels

Glo had Sales Funnels created for their programs, which were linked from their one-page website for users who wanted to learn more about their programs and their new concept of doing yoga online; after a user clicked on a specific program to learn more, they would be walked through the program and benefits all while being synced with Retargeting which resulted in the visitor being nurtured for that specific program if they didn’t subscribe.


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