Case Study: Multi-State Restaurant Chain

January 26, 2019

Restaurant Increased Walks-ins by 150%, Reservations by 76% and Opened 3x Locations

The Theodore is an iconic yet modern classic American Restaurant located in Houston, Texas which struggled due to relying on foot traffic as their primary source of marketing with a lack of repeat visits and prominent authority over other franchise restaurants in the area.



Explore The Theodore’s Goals:

– Establish brand trust and authority over other franchise restaurants

– Generate walk-ins and reservations from multiple marketing channels

– Increase repeat visit rates to create consistency in revenue.


Explore The Theodore’s Marketing Programs:

– Search Engine Optimization: Get found in search engines for high-intent keywords which have a high probability of converting through local and/or national searches.

– Social Media Marketing: Increases targeted followers and engagement through our proprietary platform which organically generates 300/week avg. qualified followers, while publishing social media posts which walk followers through the sales funnel.

– Content Marketing: Build brand trust, and authority by being featured, mentioned and talked about across authoritative blogs, media, and influencers to support generating an audience through the readership of the websites while building highly authoritative backlinks to support search engine optimization.

– Email Marketing: Have the email marketing funnel establish a customer journey that nurtures them through understanding the brand value and all the way through a conversion.

– Retargeting: Nurture visitors and/or prospects which visited the website, but never inquired and/or purchased with ads that follow them on every ad-enabled website for 90 consecutive days to promote controlling their buying cycle, building trust, and nurturing towards a conversion.

– Brand Value: Eliminate competing, even in a saturated market by establishing differentiation with products and/or services to different segments of buyers, and their current buying stage to promote a conversion due to personalizing your products and/or services to their specific needs by maximizing conversions across all audience types.

– A/B Testing: Cross-test every marketing program to maximize performance across all marketing channels to determine which version yields more conversions.

– Conversion Optimized Website: Get a website that turns visitors into prospects, and walks prospects through the sales funnel effortlessly and into understanding the brand value behind your products and/or services.


Explore The Theodore’s Results:

– Walk-ins increased by 150% from 30 walk-ins per day to 150.

– Reservations increased by 76% from 5 per evening to 16.

– The Theodore was featured on various cooking shows, local magazines and prominent websites which created a trend around one of their “Chocolate Pompeo Desserts” through social media.

– The Theodore was rated as one of the Top 15 Hottest Restaurants in Houston by

– Three new locations in Florida and California had a grand opening thanks to their Houston location gaining prominence in the marketplace over local franchises.



The Theodore has now opened three new locations in Florida and California as a direct result of being able to compete in a saturated market with the same type of marketing approach that restaurants on the franchise level are using, but without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.




The Theodore had a focus with the Search Engine Optimization program for a 20-mile radius in Dallas, Texas targeting broad keyword phrases such as “restaurants near me” which were highly competitive and saturated with corporate chains and reputable franchises; regardless of the competitive nature of the market and keyword phrases, The Theodore was able to rank organically on the first page of Google, including the Google Snack Pack within a three month period as a result of establishing highly authoritative local citations, alongside backlinks from, various cooking shows, local magazines and prominent websites which increased domain authority, trust flow, and local relevance thanks to its aged domain name, which previously had little to no citations or backlinks.


The Theodore was focused around creating food trends with their iconic dishes through social media, which reflected social media posts consisting of “viral food trends” with a mixture of videos and photos which you may have stumbled upon on social media, and tagged a friend since their posts have been shared more than 2M times on social media, with 18K comments, mostly consisting friends being tagged. How was The Theodore able to accomplish this without spending upwards of $80K on social media ads? Well, it was a mix between their dishes being presented in an untraditional way, alongside our proprietary platform being able to engage their target audience in large numbers by finding lookalike audiences that had behavioral patterns on social media of residing in Texas, interest and/or interactions with other food-related posts, and shared that they visited an upscale restaurant in the last 90 days.



The Theodore was featured on various cooking shows, local magazines and prominent websites which created a trend around one of their “Chocolate Pompeo Desserts” throughout Houston, resulting in being rated as one of the Top 15 Hottest Restaurants in Houston by Content Marketing was the driving factor behind The Theodore being able to bring the iconic dishes in front of its target audience eyes with the power of influence playing a part in driving a “must try” emotion. More importantly, while Content Marketing did generate more than 800K local impressions throughout Texas, it was also the supporting factor for their Search Engine Optimization as a result of all of the mentions on authoritative websites, The Theodore was able to outrank corporate franchises in search engines.



The Theodore created a “Signature VIP List” which any of their restaurant goers could join in the click of a button through their website, and after visiting The Theodore. In return, VIP’s received exclusive monthly invitations to try new signature dishes which weren’t available on the menu. Email Marketing supported increasing repeat visits and building loyalty resulting in an increase to repeat visits by 40% in comparison to its 10% repeat visit rate due to the lack of staying top-of-mind and consistently relevant.



The Theodore used Retargeting to consistently bring their iconic dishes which were cross-marketed through Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing into ads that followed their website visitors for 90 consecutive days after their first website. The play wasn’t driving coupons or specials for this exclusive restaurant with Remarketing, it was to gain national attention in order to support their expansion into key states; Retargeting enabled them to consistently cross-test the popularity of their signature dishes in real-time by switching ads which consisted of an image and/or video of their signature dish.




The Theodore didn’t want to resemble simply being a restaurant in Houston, but they wanted to be known for their signature dishes with trends that they created around them, which no other restaurant could compete with. Brand Value helped The Theodore step outside the realm of a traditional restaurant and into becoming Top 15 Hottest Restaurants in Houston by




The Theodore used A/B testing to cross-test the popularity of their signature dishes before they were implemented into their world-class menu; across each marketing program, for a period of 3 days the new-to-be items would be swapped with their previous items to gauge the effectiveness of not just what the residents of Houston want, but what foodies nationally wanted. Within 30 days, The Theodore has the ability to determine which dishes would make the cut on their menu, and their VIP Signature menu by comparing mentions and features across Content Marketing, analyzing shares, comments, and tags across Social Media Marketing.



The Theodore had a visual website which showcased their iconic yet modern classic American Restaurant, alongside signature dishes. Clear calls-to-action were added for their Table Booking App through Unified Workplace, which was responsible for 74% of the reservations that were made online in comparison to calling into the restaurant. More so importantly, in order to support their Search Engine Optimization program with fruitful and relevant website content, each menu item was linked to a descriptive yet visual inner-page which allowed potential guests to live the experience of the dish prior to arriving.


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