Case Study: Retargeting for Travel Agency

January 26, 2019

Off The Map Travel Won 67 Inquiries in 30 Days with Retargeting

Off the Map Travel designs travel experiences to authentic destinations to experience the natural wonders and activities in places that maintain their eye-bearing charm. From tailored Northern Lights holidays, all the way through the wonders of Costa Rica – Off The Map Travel designs personal intenerates with experiences that are designed around you with a focus on more than 10 destinations, 50+ experiences, and 5+ holiday variations – your imagination is the only limitation, until their travel designers paint the perfect getaway.



Explore Off The Map Travel’s Goals:

– Nurture potential clients who visited the website, but never inquired based on the destination, experience or holiday that they were interested in.

– Prevent from nurturing visitors who did not spend time about learning about a potential experience within a destination.

– Ensure that the visitors that are nurtured, and that submit an inquiry are qualified prospects.

– Continuously nurture potential prospects that might not be ready to commit to a travel experience at this time, but that have expressed strong interest.

–  Nurture prospects after they’ve submitted an inquiry to demonstrate the benefits of destination, experience, or holiday.

– A/B test various retargeting banner types across all destinations, experiences, and holidays.

– Stop nurturing prospects after 30 days of submitting an inquiry, after no repeat website visits or click-throughs.


Explore Off The Map Travel’s Retargeting Program:

– Unified Marketing Report: Get your remarketing ads report which defines your retargeting ads, lists, conversion and sales funnels to give you insight as to how you’ll convert lost opportunities. Approve and execute or cancel with a full refund.

– Create High Performing Ads: We’ll create high performing remarketing ads for your remarketing services which works in sync with your lists and landing pages to show the right message, at the right time.

– List & Targeting Optimization: We’ll create highly targeted remarketing lists for search ads and optimize the lists to ensure that your prospects are grouped based on interests and products or services they’re interested in.

– Sales & Conversion Funnel Optimization: We’ll establish a sales and conversion funnel with a sequence of remarketing ads and lists to ensure that your prospects are being nurtured through their sales cycle.

– Landing Pages: We’ll create actionable landing pages which instill the value behind your products and/or services based on the remarketing lists for search ads and banners that your prospect originated from.

– Reanalyze & Repeat: We’ll reanalyze your retargeting program after a certain period of time, improve based on analytics and repeat the process with a new and improved approach.



Explore Off The Map Travel’s Results:

– Retargeting nurtured an average of 1,120 monthly visitors which contributed to 67 inquiries with an average 30-day cycle of retargeting an a 15% CTR (Click Through Rate) which is considered high with retargeting while resulting in 400 visits being deemed as unqualified after a 14-day cycle based on behavioral patterns on the website and CTR.

– Established retargeting banners across a broad basis for visitors which visited the website, spend more than 1 minute on the website but did not visit any other pages, which was followed by destination, experience, and holiday based banners for visitors which visited the website, and explored either a destination, experience or holiday for more than 5 five minutes.

– Target segmenting was set up to ensure only high-intent prospects were nurtured for 90 consistent days which showed direct interest in either destinations, experiences or holidays by spending more than five minutes on each of the respective pages, but without inquiring or interacting with the chatbot. Based on the target segmenting lists, unqualified prospects which only visited the website, quickly browsed pages were filtered due to showing low interest.

– High intent prospects were nurtured with different variations of retargeting banners illustrating the different variations of experiences, destinations, and/or holidays which they viewed due to the scenic abilities the photography had, by giving different variations, it enabled the prospects to essentially have a continuous gallery view until they were ready to take the next step and inquire.


– Explore Off The Map Travel’s Outcome

Off The Map Travel had a considerably hard time nurturing prospects which they generated through their multi-channel marketing efforts with 50% of visitors not inquiring for reasons not related to Off The Map Travel, such as the planned trip not being soon, to exploring potential options, and all the way through waiting to take the next step. Retargeting helped Off The Map Travel nurture their average of 1,120 monthly visitors which resulted in generating 67 inquires through a 30-day cycle of retargeting with retargeting campaigns that were focused across 10 destinations, 50+ experiences, and 5+ holiday variations through more than 300 different banner variations which ensured that potential prospects always saw a different instance of their destination, giving them inspiration with strong calls-to-action within the retargeting banners to take the next step with speaking with a trip designer. Considerably, Retargeting was the direct result for Off The Map Travel regaining potentially lost revenue they would not have generated if Retargeting campaigns were not set up and continuously optimized.


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