Case Study: SaaS Case Study

January 26, 2019

Hilo Went from 2,400 users to 32,000 users, Decreased Churn by 40%.

Hilo Platform is a marketing platform for network marketing professionals which introduces a niche-specific CRM, Business Management, Email Marketing and Team Management which enables network marketing professionals to expand their network.



Explore Hilo’s Goals:

– Establish a strong product/service value and differentiation.

– Establish brand trust and authority through live case studies and use cases.

– Generate qualified prospects to sign up for a paid membership.

– Reduce churn with paid users canceling their subscription.


Explore Hilo’s Marketing Programs:

– Search Engine Optimization: Get found in search engines for high-intent keywords which have a high probability of converting through local and/or national searches.

– Social Media Marketing: Increases targeted followers and engagement through our proprietary platform which organically generates 300/week avg. qualified followers, while publishing social media posts which walk followers through the sales funnel.

– Content Marketing: Build brand trust, and authority by being featured, mentioned and talked about across authoritative blogs, media, and influencers to support generating an audience through the readership of the websites while building highly authoritative backlinks to support search engine optimization.

– Email Marketing: Have the email marketing funnel establish a customer journey that nurtures them through understanding the brand value and all the way through a conversion.

– Retargeting: Nurture visitors and/or prospects which visited the website, but never inquired and/or purchased with ads that follow them on every ad-enabled website for 90 consecutive days to promote controlling their buying cycle, building trust, and nurturing towards a conversion.

– Brand Value: Eliminate competing, even in a saturated market by establishing differentiation with products and/or services to different segments of buyers, and their current buying stage to promote a conversion due to personalizing your products and/or services to their specific needs by maximizing conversions across all audience types.

– A/B Testing: Cross-test every marketing program to maximize performance across all marketing channels to determine which version yields more conversions.

– Conversion Optimized Website: Get a website that turns visitors into prospects, and walks prospects through the sales funnel effortlessly and into understanding the brand value behind your products and/or services.

– Sales Funnels: Sell through a customer journey of value with a sales funnel that integrates into every marketing program to seamlessly walk your prospects through the value behind your products and/or services through multiple touches.



Explore Hilo’s Results:

– 70% increase in free trial users which 60% converted to paid subscriptions.

– Decreased churn by 40% as a result of the post-sale nurturing strategy.

– Partnerships with various multi-level marketing agencies was established yielding more than 10,000 free trials which ~ 3,200 converted into paid subscriptions.

– Hilo Platform was rated one of “The Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America”


– Overview & Outcome

Hilo has grown from 2,400 users to 32,000 users in a six-month term with a 60% increase in free trial users converted to paid subscriptions, decreasing churn by 40% while establishing multiple partnerships with various multi-level marketing agencies was established yielding more than 10,000 free trials which ~ 3,200 converted into paid subscriptions.

Hilo is now a leading brand in the network marketing professional industry while being rated as one of “The Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America”


– Search Engine Optimization

Hilo wanted to take not just a national approach with the Search Engine Optimization program, but an international approach due to the fact that they were targeting network marketing professionals which served a global market, but also very competitive market. Utilizing a mixture of targeted keywords for network marketing professionals, Hilo had a keyword strategy which consisted of variations of keywords that network marketing professionals would commonly search for at their infancy stages of becoming a network marketing professional in terms of learning how to actually perform the duties of network marketing since the Hilo was the resources that tied it all together. While Hilo was in a competitive SaaS market, they did not take an approach with competing with other CRM’s that did not target network marketers. 60 highly targeted keywords brought the Search Engine Optimization program together which were a blanket of keywords that covered all of the questions that would signify the intent of a network marketing professional needing a CRM, with a monthly volume of 28,483 across all keywords. HiloIPA did perform minor search engine optimization in the past resulting in domain authority of 32 being established, which quickly rose to 39 within a three month period and all of their targeted keywords ranking within page one driving a continuous surge of qualified traffic pertaining to network marketing professionals who showed keyword search behavioral patterns that signified they needed a CRM.

– Social Media Marketing

Hilo needed to demonstrate network marketing expertise through their Social Media Marketing program, and be the “Hilo” of all resources that are network marketing related which resulted in creating curated social media posts that focused on training network marketing professionals into how to use the CRM to effectively grow their network; each “feature” was turned into an asset as to how it would reduce time, automate their day to day tasks, while nurturing prospects through the sales cycle. Followed by the value-building social media posts, our proprietary platform engaged network marketing professionals which were either following other network marketing professionals or indicated that they were selling network marketing related products, which resulted in organically gaining 5,000 qualified followers.



Hilo was entering a competitive, yet niche market which they had the ability to lead but they needed the validation from more authoritative resources in order to obtain social proof, but to also generate their targeted audience through these sources using the power of influence. Through our Content Marketing program, Hilo was featured, mentioned, referenced, and talked about across Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other niche-relevant network marketing websites and blogs which generated 14,849 visitors as a result of the backlinks that were embedded throughout the articles, which also supported ranking Hilo across their 60 keywords.


– Email Marketing

Hilo needed to reduce churn with their CRM for network marketing professionals as many users who registered for a free trial, would not return to continue their subscription as a direct result of not knowing how to empower the features to reduce time, increase productivity, nurture their prospects and generate more sales which is where Email marketing would step-in to walk users through a customer journey of value, and nurture them through onboarding with Hilo with emails that walk them through each and every stage based on their activity levels. For example, if a user did not login for three days, but imported their leads, it would take them through the next step of showing them how to set up email marketing to nurture those leads for quick wins. As a result of Email Marketing, Hilo saw a 70% increase in free trial users which 60% converted to paid subscriptions.


– Retargeting

Hilo was surging traffic through their website as a result of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing, although 40% of network marketing professionals weren’t ready to take the next step or were unsure how they would begin using the CRM, which is where Retargeting nurtured them for 90 consistent days on every ad-enabled website and social media channels which kept Hilo top-of-mind as a problem that the professional would need to tackle in order to do more, in less time through their CRM. With Retargeting, Hilo increased free trial registrations by 30% in a one month period after being launched, and also noticed that their churn rates were lower from users who have been retargeted versus users who haven’t.



Hilo wanted to make an impact with network marketing professionals with their marketing platform which enabled them to manage their network, automate marketing, manage their teams and more. One of the most overseen aspects of their current marketing approach was not establishing Brand Value and marketing their platform as a “Contact Management and Virtual Office for Network Marketing Professionals” which in the eyes of their prospects was another tool they did not understand to use nor did they foresee the outcome of using such tool. As a direct result of high bounce rates on their website aligned with low conversion rates,  “Fuel Your Network Marketing. Drive Sales. Automate Marketing. Grow your Network” became the new vision of Hilo which is what enabled their prospects to comprehend that this is not a contact management tool, but a platform which drives revenue while supporting their dream of growing their network on autopilot.



Hilo used A/B Testing to find new ways to market the features behind their product in a simple nature which network marketing professionals could understand, and which would define their brand as a whole. Commonly, their prospects had trouble understanding “marketing automation” in comparison to “touch prospects without clicking the send button” and such adjustments which were cross-tested across all marketing programs were essential to supporting conversions.



Hilo had their Conversion Optimized Website reinvented from a traditional “Contact Management and Virtual Office for Network Marketing Professionals” into “Fuel Your Network Marketing. Drive Sales. Automate Marketing. Grow your Network” which contextually walked prospects through how each and every feature through the Hilo platform aligns with their slogan while selling the features behind every feature with a Sales Funnel that walks users through a customer journey of value in understanding the simplicity yet comprehensive features which can be set up and implemented in  less than 30 minutes.


– Sales Funnels

Hilo had a Sales Funnel created which worked in sync with their Conversion Optimized website to support selling the unique values and feature-sets of their platform that was strictly catered to network marketing professionals understanding how each and every feature works without hours of human-added input. In short, traditional features such as “email marketing” were taken and established into actionable Sales Funnels as to how it can be used to nurture prospects through purchasing a product in a 30 day period of time, in comparison to “uploading contacts and following-up” which worked in sync with their Email Marketing and Retargeting programs.


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