Case Study: SEO for Medical Billing

January 26, 2019

EcoScribe Ranked for Targeted Keywords in 3 Months, Driving 6,400 Unique Visitors Per Month

EchoScribe is one of the fastest growing, remote medical billing companies that’s headquartered in the United States, which bills for more than 60 medical groups and solo practices that’s focused and aligned on saving their client’s money through personalized customer service, seamless technology integration, dedicated account management, and as a revenue cycle management company.



Explore EchoScribe’s Goals:

– Rank for targeted niche keywords; establish domain authority for a new website.

– Rank for broad keywords after accomplishing page one rankings for niche keywords.

– Ensure that target keywords are driving ready-to-inquire prospects, rather than research phase prospects.


Explore EchoScribe’s Search Engine Optimization Program:

– Unified Marketing Report: Get your search engine optimization report which defines your smart high-buying intent keywords; estimated time to ranking. Approve and execute or cancel with a full refund.

– Meta Tag & Content Optimization: We perform optimization for title tags and meta descriptions based on keyword research and contextually optimized website content both for search engines and prospects!

– Optimize Website Structure for SEO: We’ll perform optimizations to your website structure to ensure compliance with search engine optimization standards and to support an effortless conversion funnel.

– Google My Business & SMO: We’ll perform optimization of Google My Business and ensure sound Google Maps rankings for a healthy local search while optimizing social media channels for higher exposure.

– Optimized Page Building: We’ll continue to expand the search engine optimization program for your small business by building SEO optimized pages and contextually value instilling content to support SEO and conversions.

– Ongoing Content & Video Marketing: We’ll continuously perform content marketing by having your website mentioned, featured and/or cited on third-party websites, including having videos created, optimized and published.



Explore EchoScribe’s Results:

– Achieved page one rankings for niche-targeted keywords, which have a high inquiry intent due to medical groups searching for medical billing companies which are specialized for their particular pages across Google, USA.

– On-going optimization being performed for highly authoritative keywords which have significant amounts of volume, alongside competition which have progressed from page 10 to page 4 in a two month period; which are expected to rank for position three in a two month period thereafter considering that the average pay-per-click for this search averages $56.32.

– Established domain authority of 32 from a historical DA of 9 in a period of three months as a result of highly authoritative backlinks that are niche relevant, alongside broad being brought into the mix which was produced organically through content marketing efforts.


Explore EchoScribes Outcome:

EchoScribe has accomplished ranking for niche-relevant keywords on page one of Google, USA which have an average pay-per-click of $18.24 with an average monthly volume of 6,400 searches per month while performing continuous search engine optimization for broad keywords which are highly competitive with an average pay-per-click of $56.32 while the current traffic of the niche-relevant keywords continues to subsidize generating qualified prospects, enabling EchoScribe to plan and prepare for future expansion as large amounts of qualified broad traffic is established.


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