Case Study: SEO for Saunas Manufacturer

January 26, 2019 Ranked for 150 Competitive Keywords, Driving 12,000 Qualified Visits was founded in 1997, is the internet’s top-rated supplier of Sauna products through a website offering residential and commercial buyers a one-stop shopping experience for Saunas, Infrared, and Steam needs; enabling a direct to consumer experience, without middle-men is able to offer their products at a lower price than suggested retail.



Explore’s Goals:

– Establish page one rankings across keywords that have a high intent on commercial buyer’s seeking Saunas and associated products.

– Establish page one rankings for keywords that target the residential space of consumers exploring the market for saunas.

– Establish domain authority of DA 30+ through highly authoritative backlinks in less than three months.

– Organically source and establish backlinks through content marketing which support search engine optimization, while driving qualified traffic.


Explore’s Search Engine Optimization Program:

– Unified Marketing Report: Get your search engine optimization report which defines your smart high-buying intent keywords; estimated time to ranking. Approve and execute or cancel with a full refund.

– Meta Tag & Content Optimization: We perform optimization for title tags and meta descriptions based on keyword research and contextually optimized website content both for search engines and prospects!

– Optimize Website Structure for SEO: We’ll perform optimizations to your website structure to ensure compliance with search engine optimization standards and to support an effortless conversion funnel.

– Google My Business & SMO: We’ll perform optimization of Google My Business and ensure sound Google Maps rankings for a healthy local search while optimizing social media channels for higher exposure.

– Optimized Page Building: We’ll continue to expand the search engine optimization program for your small business by building SEO optimized pages and contextually value instilling content to support SEO and conversions.

– Ongoing Content & Video Marketing: We’ll continuously perform content marketing by having your website mentioned, featured and/or cited on third-party websites, including having videos created, optimized and published.



Explore’s Results:

– Achieved page-one ranking across high-intent keywords in the first month, which signal a post-research intent to purchase, such as ‘outdoor sauna for sale’ which drives qualified traffic and sales first, rather than targeting keywords such as ‘outdoor sauna’ initially which would drive large amounts of traffic, although, with a strong mix of pre and post research, with less intent to purchase.

– Progressively attributed to ranking broad keywords, which have less purchasing intent, although enables the brand to become a familiar name in the marketplace during the research phase, while establishing brand trust, and authority, such as ‘steam sauna’ and ‘infrared saunas’

– Achieved ranking on page one for different synonym variations of the target keywords, alongside keywords which focus on specific product-related parts, such as ‘electric sauna’ and ’30 minute sauna timer’ resulting in driving lower search volume which is highly qualified to the specifics of the search result.

– Acquired domain authority of 35 in a period of three months through an all-organic approach of content marketing which established highly authoritative backlinks with the expectations of DA rising to 45+ in the next three months.

– Achieved 12,000 qualified monthly visits in a period of three months across ~150 keywords, which are ranking on average from page 1-5 while on-going search engine optimization continues.


Explore’s Results: ranked for 150 competitive keywords, driving 12,000 qualified visits through the Search Engine Optimization program, which has resulted in generating a domain authority rank of 35 while focusing on keywords which had a purchasing intent throughout the first month while progressing through broad keywords in order to capture the entire market, which was subsequently followed by ranking synonyms and variations of the initial target keywords to promote orders for product-specific parts, which would influence future purchases of Saunas and other products from the brand. Considerably, in combination with all of the keywords – organic search volume had an estimated cost of $17,000 per month based on the average cost-per-click for each keyword.


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