Case Study: Social Media Marketing for Online Food Store

January 26, 2019

Graina Gained 68 Monthly Calls & 125% Increase in Orders with Social Media Marketing

Graina is a bulk food store that brings customers a personalized, no-waste shopping experience like no other with a wide selection of organic muesli, lentils, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, superfoods, organic teas, and much, much more. Graina is located in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, and serves all of Australia with the online store which it recently launched, where you can buy as much or as little as you want, all through one cart with having items shipped to your door in eco-friendly packaging all while being fully Australian grown.



Explore Graina’s Goals:

– Establish a presence on social media as it’s currently non-existent, with random posts being published.

– Create a social media posting strategy that reflects the brand, educates followers on products, and promotes purchases.

– Increase social media following for a new online brand, which is transitioning from a store-front.

– Gain followers from local competitors social media channels to try Graina as an alternative, promoting either in-store visits or online purchases.

– Establish an ‘ideal customer profile’ based on analytics through the Social Media Marketing program to help target potential customers more accurately across other marketing channels.


Explore Graina’s Social Media Marketing Program:

– Unified Marketing Report: Get your social media marketing report from our agency which defines your posting strategy and estimated follower insights. Approve and execute or cancel with a full refund.

– Setup Social Media Platforms: We’ll work with you 1-on-1, unlike other social media marketing companies to establish access to your social media platforms and integrate them with our systems seamlessly for publishing and audience generation.

– Create Posts & Approve: We’ll create your social media posts based on the approved formats and obtain your feedback or approval. Then, we’ll schedule and publish them consistently.

– Watch Follower & Fan Growth: We’ll begin engaging your ideal lookalike audience on all social media channels with our proprietary social media marketing agency platform while engaging with them through comments and likes.

– Monitor Real-time Analytics: We’ll have our social media marketing agency monitor real-time analytics with you to determine where we can improve engagement, following, and conversions, then consistently adapt to improve!

– Reanalyze & Improve: We’ll reanalyze and improve your social media marketing program based on analytics and performance after a certain period of time, then, launch a new and improved version!



Explore Graina’s Results:

– Graina established new social media channels and gained 955 followers on Instagram in the first month, while Facebook contributed towards increasing to 521 fans by using our social media platform to generate their target audience and translate them into loyal followers. More importantly, Graina experienced a large number of walk-ins through social media engagement by familiarizing customers with their brand’s location and building awareness. Graina did not previously have a social media presence; the audience engagement was quite slower than social media channels that are more established.

– Graina’s followers accounted for 40% of individuals who were following and/or active customers of other holistic food stores both locally and nationally, which resulted in them trying Graina as an alternative as a result of our social media platform engaging existing customer of competing brands (liking, following, messaging) and introducing the Graina brand naturally. The targeting through our social media platform consisted of engaging customer who followed competitors in the last 14 days, like their posts in the last 3 days and/or checked-in within 24 hours.

– Graina had a social media posting strategy introduced to their brand that consisted of nurturing their new followers with how the products can be used as recipes, cross-promoting blog posts, promoting products, sharing holistic living tips to help the audience understand that brand’s values, alongside coupons to entice new followers to act. On average, their social posts had an engagement rate of 38% with 48 likes, 8 comments, and 200 story views which produced 41 more walk-ins monthly, generated 68 more phone calls monthly and promoted an increase of 125% order online.

– Graina was able to create an ‘ideal customer profile’ through the analytics with their Social Media Marketing program which provided insights into follower interests, relationship status, competitor engagement, lifestyle traits, and many other variations of personality traits which are used to improve their social media marketing strategy, target, posts, and continuously increasing the followership across their social media channels.


Explore Graina’s Outcome:

Graina came from a non-existent social media presence into establishing a multi-platform following across Facebook and Instagram which brings together more than 2,000 qualified and targeted local followers which resulted in 41 more walk-ins monthly, generated 68 more phone calls monthly and promoted an increase of 125% order online. In combination with a social media posting strategy that nurtured their target audience through familiarizing themselves with their brand upon being engaged through our social media platform, Graina is on a steady path of gradually growing their following to 5,000 followers in the next three months (Q4 2019) which is expected to contribute to an engagement rate of 64% and 229% increase in online order according to their current path forward through social media analytics.


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