Case Study: Social Media Marketing for Pet Supply Co.

January 26, 2019

Pet Love Increased Social Media Following to 300K+ (2,900 likes per post, 89 comments per post, 12 tags per post, and 29K view per story).

Pet Love was founded in 1988 when veterinarian Maro opened his first vet clinic and pet store in the city of San Paulo; in order to ensure every pet in all of Brazil was living the healthiest life filled with nutrition using world-class products, Pet Love, the first in-market e-commerce store was introduced to all pet lovers in Brazil. With more than 15 years, after many transformations and iterations, Pet Love is recognized as the country’s leader in the healthiest Pet Food, Medical Supplies, Toys, Jewelry, and anything pet-related.



Explore Pet Love’s Goals:

– Generate a substantial following organically through Instagram, and Facebook reducing paid-ads spend.

– Create a social media posting strategy that will help existing customers create a bond with the brand while introducing new followers to the culture of the brand.

– Turn followers into customers, while increasing engagement (likes, comments) through posts to validate creating close bonds.

– Naturally, promote sales of specific products without it appearing “sales-like” but through other means.

– View analytics behind how social media marketing is contributing to brand association, sales, and introducing the brand to friends of friends.


Explore Pet Love’s Social Media Marketing Program:

– Unified Marketing Report: Get your social media marketing report from our agency which defines your posting strategy and estimated follower insights. Approve and execute or cancel with a full refund.

– Setup Social Media Platforms: We’ll work with you 1-on-1, unlike other social media marketing companies to establish access to your social media platforms and integrate them with our systems seamlessly for publishing and audience generation.

– Create Posts & Approve: We’ll create your social media posts based on the approved formats and obtain your feedback or approval. Then, we’ll schedule and publish them consistently.

– Watch Follower & Fan Growth: We’ll begin engaging your ideal lookalike audience on all social media channels with our proprietary social media marketing agency platform while engaging with them through comments and likes.

– Monitor Real-time Analytics: We’ll have our social media marketing agency monitor real-time analytics with you to determine where we can improve engagement, following, and conversions, then consistently adapt to improve!

– Reanalyze & Improve: We’ll reanalyze and improve your social media marketing program based on analytics and performance after a certain period of time, then, launch a new and improved version!



Explore Pet Love’s Results:

– Pet Love reduced paid ad spend by 80% as a result of being able to generate a strong following organically through our Social Media Marketing program by identifying their target audience’s behavioral patterns (their location, who they follow, indicators that they have pets, and other factors) and having our social media platform engage with their target audience (like their recent posts, follow their accounts, message them, etc.) which introduced the Pet Love brand naturally to their target audience, which worked in combination with a posting strategy that naturally appealed to pet lovers.

– Pet Love increased its social media following on Instagram, gaining 150,000 followers in the course of one year while gaining 230,000 fans on Facebook (a mixture of paid ads) by using our proprietary social media platform which engaged their audience while having the social media posts with a well-researched and defined hashtag strategy playing its part in contribution.

– Pet Love had a social media posting strategy introduced which emotionally targeted pet lovers through cute, yet branded photos of adorable pets with a strong emphasis on dogs, testimonials showcasing its reviews for social proof, promoting products through trendy pet photos, short yet educational medical posts, and many other variations which were brought together, scheduled for publishing at the best time for the highest engagement and used to nurture followers into taking action. Considerably, their social media posts yielded an engagement rate of 33% with an average 2,900 likes per post, 89 comments per post, 12 tags per post, and 29K view per story.

– Pet Love used a combination of educational, and trendy posts to promote purchases of their products with an average CTR from social media of 28% low-peak and 68% high-peak, with social media followers contributing to 10% of the online product sales.

– Pet Love was able to gain more insight into their ideal customer profile through real-time analytics by being able to view age, location, interests, engagement with other channels, and different variations that establish their personality traits which enabled them to improve their social media ad targeting more precisely.


Explore Pet Love’s Outcome:

Pet Love established a strong following which yielded strong short-term results of attaining 150K followers in a one year period, which gradually increased week over week throughout the one year period while gaining an on-going followership of 290K followers on Instagram, and 810K fans on Facebook which contributes to 10% of its online store sales as a direct result of being able to organically engage their target audience through our social media platform (with a light mix of paid ads) and a posting strategy which nurtures their followers through a customer journey of education, pet trends, photography, testimonials, pet polls, contests, and much more. Pet Love is currently the market leader in all of Brazil with their social media strategy playing a contributing role towards reinstating their brands’ culture.


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