Dentist Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

October 17, 2019

Today, digital marketing is the way forward. Unlike traditional advertising, which includes ads in yellow pages, and radio, digital marketing today happens online. You target specific users based on their behaviour.

Statistics say that 85 % of consumers interact with online platforms daily. So, how are dentist marketing strategies of great importance to a dentist?

Let’s think about this. You’ve people experiencing toothache, and looking to find a reliable dental clinic around them. What if Google tells them about you? Unfortunately, with the many dental clinics all around you, it’s a slim chance that Google would do that.

It’s easy for customers to look for dental clinics, but how easy is it for you to find you? That’s what digital marketing for dentists is all about, as it

How Will Patients Find You?

Instead of looking for posters, patients today can easily access adverts online. Traditional marketing methods shouldn’t be the only thing to look out for today. Most people listen to their favorite jam via live streaming platforms, with radios facing little attention.

A good dentist marketing strategy may take a while to work, but they can deliver you targeted results that you will love.

Why is Marketing for Dentists Difficult?

It is a fact that marketing for dentists is hard. Unlike other industries, like clubs and restaurants, which most people look for, people search for dental clinics only when they need it. However, did you know that you can turn it to your advantage?

A word of caution though – you need the right strategy. Here is what can go wrong.

– A Social Media Marketing Strategy Not Tailored for Your Business

There are many dental marketing platforms to explore. However, it’s your social media strategy that determines how engaged your customers are.

Most Industries have too many social media accounts on different social media platforms. You don’t need that many. Instead, focus on the major ones like Twitter and Facebook since they help you reach out to more people in just a few posts.

However, as much as Facebook and Twitter may be of great help in finding clients, dental clinics cannot rely on these platforms mostly. You need a digital marketing strategy that considers this – and no, LinkedIn is not a good channel to be in for a dental clinic.

– You Avoid Content Marketing

Dental clinics have been of the most lucrative businesses in the past. It’s perhaps why many have ignored content marketing in the past – simply because they thought they didn’t need it. Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of different types of content throughout the web, including blogs, E-books, white papers, and more.

Content marketing helps you establish your area of expertise as a professional. At the end or beginning of the content, you can identify yourself as a dentist to increase your awareness. Your online presence is also essential for your success. By using these types of dentist marketing strategies, you can get backlinks from relevant sites, thus increasing your SEO ranking by a search engine like Google.

– Missing Out On Positive feedback

Positive feedback is the best way to attract more visitors. Most dental businesses forget to include a place where customers can share their experience and leave positive reviews as well. How else are you going to earn people’s trust? Based on research, about 90% of customers using online platforms claim to have been influenced by online reviews.

The Unified Marketing Program

Have you ever heard of the Unified Marketing program? If you haven’t, you are in for a treat. Talk about a marketing program that goes beyond integrated marketing; the Unified Marketing program generates leads and stronger relationships in any industry.

The program works by joining all revenue creation activities into one system.

What do You Get?

Search Engine Optimization

Manage your SEO campaign by performing content marketing and backing it up with good dentist marketing strategies to ensure you are always on top. In addition to this, you also have access to 365-degree insight on your SEO program with 100% transparency.

Social Media Marketing

With the Unified program, you have access to high performances social media campaigns that increase your number of followers as a dentist. Get more engaged audience, and trusted fans.

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in increasing your awareness. Your content gets featured in highly authoritative blogs, increasing your ranking by search engines. The Why Unified team will know what strategy works for you the best.

Paid Marketing

If you would like to spend a little, you can have Facebook and Google run fail proof campaigns for your by paying them a small fee.

Email Marketing

You can increase your brand awareness using email marketing campaigns. The Unified Marketing program runs by creating sales funnels to follow up on the customers to their satisfaction.

Benefits of Unified Marketing

Unified Marketing works by combining three fundamental aspects of any industry – Customer, Marketing, and Selling. You can trust their experts to help you reach out to more people, and be the most popular dental clinic in your area with a dentist marketing plan. With the sales and marketing insights, you know more about what your business needs too, and offer services tailored to their needs yourself.


Why Unified
Fuel your marketing and workplace to do more. Run your sales and marketing under one Unified platform, or have us do it for you.