How to Do Remarketing with Retargeting Display Ads

September 18, 2019

Retargeting ads have 76% more probability of being clicked on than a regular ad. It gives you the opportunity to get your old customers to makes purchases again at your site. But while doing so be creative to connect with the audience. Here are a few creative ways to do that with learning how how to do remarketing with retargeting display ads.


1.  Talk to Your Sales Teams to Improve Your Copy

Since your remarketing audience is already familiar with you, use it as an opportunity to address their concerns and successfully convince them to return which is an essential step when learning how to do remarketing.

Example:  Here HubSpot has executed the tactic flawlessly. Instead of emphasising on the logo, they addressed the problem of time-bound, SMB advertisers hesitating to buy the tool thinking that it takes too long. Their fears are removed by this ad by reassuring them that it just takes 25 seconds, which saves a lot of time in the long run.

If you ‘re not sure as to which concern to address, get to know about it from your sales team or survey the customers through online reviews.


2. Let Your Customers See Products they Like More

Dynamic remarketing through retargeting display ads is a feature that automatically creates ads that would feature the products the customer has viewed recently. It is effective as it tempts the audience to return and convert.

Example: in the Google remarketing ad above, ShopBop shows the dresses the customer has been checking out recently along with offers like ‘free shipping’ and ‘25% off’, it entices the customer making it tough to avoid them.


3. Make Customers Take Action By Telling Them It’s Urgent

Example: For a 24*7 worker who needs a break or similar people, the above ad will seem quite promising. It incites FOMO or the fear of missing out. ‘Last minute Deals’ phrase creates a need to take the decision quickly too.

Taking advantage of ad customizers with retargeting display ads can easily invoke this FOMO in the remarketing audience. Ad customizers are short snippets of codes that inserts countdown in the advertisement. Countdown ads are a crazy way to push customers and build a sense of urgency.

Example: In the above ad, the countdown is coupled with imagery. A ticking clock or a depleting hourglass instil anxiety and helps to drive the message home.


4. Don’t Forget to Spice Things Up With Discounts Codes and Coupons

The best way to address the problem of losing prospective customers when learning how to do remarketing due to comparison shopping is by intercepting them with retargeting display ads with a discount or a special offer. It reignites their interest in your products.

Example: When the customer had once ignored the Cosmopolitan ad as it was expensive, it reappeared in their feed later with discount deals, which provides the incentive to book it this time. The desire was already there, it just needed a push in the right direction, which was provided by the discount offer.


5. If Someone’s Left Something on their Cart, Make Them Come Back!

Even though advertisers have done their maximum by capturing a qualified customer, it doesn’t always work out. Some may add the product and move it to their cart, only to forget about it or not choosing to complete the transaction.

As a business, what do you do about customers who aren’t taking the final buying decision?

Example: A simple nudge, reminding that they are yet to complete their transaction and check-out process can do wonders as Best Buy has done. It can convince them to return and finish the whole process.


6. Help Customers See Other Items They Might be Interested In

Even though a customer has already purchased from you, don’t leave them out of the remarketing loop. You can retarget them by showing different sets of ads which complement their originally purchased product.

Example:  If the customer has purchased an iPhone, the ads can be projected at complementary items like a back case, which has better potential of being bought, rather than showing more iPhone ads.

But the ads have to truly complement each other, otherwise, it’s a wasted effort.

Example: Here the customer had bought a new phone at the mall, but got a 50% off coupon of plastic surgery which he probably has no use of.


7. Look to Improve Brand Loyalty

Happy and satisfied previous customers would require less coaxing than new ones. You can remind them how they were a fan of your brand, but that’s just not enough to compel them to click. Be smart while using remarketing strategies on them.

Example: Get them to go back to your site by featuring a call-to-action text in your ad. Here,  ModCloth uses the remarketing tactic to inform them of the new arrivals of the season, which would encourage them to check it out.

Remarketing ads can be used to remind customers to book future appointments, in case your company provides recurring services.

Example: A salon can set up a remarketing campaign which would remind the customers to book appointments every couple of weeks to get touched up.

So, what’s stopping you from taking on learning how to do remarketing to assist your customers to help close in on the sale? Its good to remember that the more customised the retargeting display ads are, the more impactful they will be to the audience.

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