Cleaning Company Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
MAY 13, 2019

cleaning company marketing strategies

Are you one of many house cleaning service entrepreneurs? Do you ever feel like competition is getting you down, or that your business isn't as thriving as you'd assumed it would be? The business game can be tough, and without a proper digital marketing agency by your side, it can be even tougher. You need the right marketing strategy and Unified Marketing is here to provide that for you, and here's why:

1) Potentiate your customers

Cleaning company digital marketing lets you find customers in places where you wouldn't think to look. We let the potential clients know what services you offer, why your services are crucial, and why you're the best in the game to offer them.

2) Add some advertising allure

Ever look at an advertisement and think, well, I'd like one of those in my life? We can turn this scene around for you, with your business on the recipient end instead. Our cleaning company marketing strategies give your business that exterior sparkle that reflects the tip-top finesse your business carries within.

3) Outshine your competition

Competition in the cleaning company industry can be tough, especially if you advertise the same way your opponents do. With the right cleaning company digital marketing plan, you'll have that extra edge that helps your business outshine, outweigh, and overthrow your competitors all together.


Why can your cleaning company marketing strategies fail?

Our cleaning company marketing experts make it our priority to answer all your questions, and so if you're having any doubts as to why digital marketing stands anywhere above the standardize advertising methods you have every right to. We also come prepared with answers.

  • Your cleaning company logo needs to be unique and catchy

Your logo for your cleaning company is something that is imprinted in the minds of your customers, and it needs to emboss the elite efficiency of your service: a cleaning service deserves a clean cut logo. It will reflect the prestige of your work and also the persona of your business that overshadows all others.

  • You're limiting your audience

Don't channel all your effort into one lane for the sake of comfort and reassurance; potential clients are everywhere and by doing this you're only limiting your options. Get your foot off your local ground and go broader with the help of our experienced cleaning company marketing services.

  • Your cleaning company website design is impractical

A clean, functional cleaning company website interface and design is a huge game-changer. Don't go sloppy with your website functionality; it'll maintain an open way of communication with your clients and provide an excellent medium for client engagement.


Where do our cleaning company marketing strategies come in?

Our cleaning company marketing services offer a variety of different marketing programs and strategies to help solidify your presence in the house cleaning services game and ensure you come out a winner. We'll lay them out for you below so you can choose for yourself from amongst them (or all of them) the plans you find most preferable.

a) Prime Cleaning Company SEO strategies to get the word across

Our search engine optimization for cleaning companies plan aims to have your business the number result that pops up whenever a potential client searches on the internet for a house cleaning service. With our white-hat SEO program, we keep you in the loop all the way with weekly update reports and increase your revenue optimally.

b) Social Media Marketing for Cleaning Companies

We tailored this strategy to help you promote your housecleaning service on different social media platforms with low CPC costs to drive in more customer numbers and make sure your services are found everywhere a potential client can or will look.

We also offer paid marketing plans catered to by our digital marketing experts whose expertise in the field is unmatchable. We are here to make sure your business grows, and grow it will.

c) Content Marketing Program

Guest posting to other websites is out of style- you need your own website, your own content, and the content creation part is up to us. We'll provide blogs, posts, and videos that all help attract customers and keep their attention captured. We all know that word of mouth is the best way to boost a business so don't worry, we'll get people talking about you in no time.

d) Retargeting program

With our retargeting program, we'll create ads that keep re-circling around a specific kind of audience, the kind of audience that is already willing but just needs a simple extra push. It's been proven as an excellent cleaning company marketing idea that helps focus on the right audience whilst building your brand the prestige image it deserves.

e) Email Marketing for Cleaning Companies

Are we done yet? No, we are absolutely not. Take a look at our email marketing program for cleaning companies where you get to interact with your audience directly and frequently to give your customers that sense of familiarity that is much needed when searching for a house cleaning service.

Or, make others aware of your credentials by increasing your brand value with our brand value program; more brand value translates to more sales, and more sales translate to the ultimate success.

f) A/B Testing program

The final program we have to offer is our A/B testing program that helps you get to know your customers needs better so you can tailor your services to match with their expectations- basic supply and demand economics don't you agree?


Step forward with our cleaning company marketing strategies to help you build yourself up; we guarantee your long term success. With our aid, you'll provide the right message, reach the right people, and become the number 1 house cleaning service in the game. Unified Marketing is your go-to digital marketing agency; the best fo


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