Content Marketing Hacks Using Psychology: 6 Steps
MARCH 05, 2019

content marketing hacks using psychology

The rush of taking your company's website to the top of the Google rankings can be addictive, but you must remember that SEO is simply not enough and that you'll need to use unique content marketing hacks.

When we talk about blogs, most marketers talk about why it’s important to have long-form content, being conversational and talking to the reader.

There is one important thing that you miss out on though; the art of persuasive copywriting, a simple content marketing hack.

It’s what is more effective in driving online sales than you’d imagine. Choosing the right words can compel readers to take action. Letting your audience create a sense of belonging with you is what you should be looking for.

 If you want them to give you their money, you cannot afford to stay completely detached.

No, talking about how your product or service is better than the competition will not do the trick every time. Probably what you’ve to offer isn’t that different to your competitors too.

What you need is customer engagement through growth hacking in content marketing.

Your customers need to feel involved with you first. They can read tons of facts and figures boasting about the quality of your product but still remain unaffected.

Giving your potential readers a catalog description instead of a well-written sales pitch is a bad idea. No matter how much money you put into your SEO campaigns, your conversion rates will remain poor till you make a conscious effort to connect with your readers on an emotional level.

Most buyers do not just rely on logic when making their purchases. They are impressed with the little things. Sometimes, they subconsciously choose to buy products that they associate with a good sales experience. In order to be a good advertiser, you must make an effort to connect to potential buyers through the skilled use of human psychology.

Incorporating certain psychological triggers in your writing is a content marketing hack that will persuade the readers to take action. Remember that you are writing for real-life human beings and not just the search engine.

The key is to balance the SEO fundamentals with the psychological aspects of your writing. To master the art of persuasion and influence, you should consult the book 'Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion' written by Dr. Robert Cialdini. After years of tough research, he has come up with six universal principles that can help you get across to people.

  • Reciprocity
  • Social proof
  • Consistency
  • Liking
  • Scarcity
  • Authority


The Top Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Copywriting Piece

You can use these principles in the following ways.

1. Reciprocity

You will find that people are more likely to give you something you want when they have received something from you, another variation of many content marketing hacks. Feeling obligated can encourage a person to give in to your wishes faster. If you want to apply the same principle to your marketing, you have to ensure that you are adding some value to the buyer's life through your writing. Give them well-researched and useful information and become a valuable resource for them; only then can you ask them to buy your products.

2. Social proof

People often follow in others' footsteps when they are unsure about a decision they have to make. Getting influenced by friends and relatives into making a purchase is the perfect example of social proof. In your copywriting, you need to give potential buyers access to testimonials and product reviews from satisfied customers. Endorsements from trusted sources can also work miracles for you.

3. Commitment and consistency

You will notice that humans become firmer with their decisions over time because they feel the pressure to be consistent in their actions. Someone who sticks to their commitment is given more respect than others who do not. You should make small initial commitments in your write-up so that the readers begin to notice a consistent pattern. If you get the reader to agree with you on a subject from the beginning, he or she will feel more comfortable making a commitment to you.

4. Likability

At the end of the day, nobody will buy from your company if they do not like your brand, which is why content marketing hacks are important because people find it easier to agree with someone they genuinely respect. You should focus on building strong relationships with your customers that go beyond just business interactions. If you can convince your buyers that you care for their well-being, they will be more likely to come back in the future. Paying compliments and giving them your cooperation are two great ways of becoming more likable. You can also use the “About Us” page to humanize your brand by talking about your employees.

5. Authority

You are more likely to attract more buyers when you appear knowledgeable, which content marketing influences. Most people like to rely on expert opinion when it comes to investing their money. Show your authority in your chosen business field by talking about your skills and track record. Experience always acts as a sales converter.

6. Scarcity

Humans tend to want more of what they do not already have. They value it highly and are willing to pay for it. Scarcity is easily one of the most effective persuasion principles you will find. Convey information about limited offers through your copywriting. Let them know that the products are in high demand.


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