Customer success story for an auto repair shop.

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    SunCoast Speed is the go-to shop for all maintenance, repairs & installations of high tech quality upgrades. SunCoast Speed offers more high-quality parts and services under one roof than anywhere else across all makes and models of trucks, jeeps & more.

    We did not have much local exposure, other than word of mouth and minimal Google Ads, which could only take us so far and we were struggling at the brink of closing the business down if something did not change within the next 90 days.


    Other then saving the business, we wanted to be recognized as a local and national off-road performance shop.

    We used several local marketing agencies, although, their marketing approach was dated and overpriced for merley under-managing a local Google Ads campaign, not focusing on any selling aspects which was essential to why we hired them in the first place – to drive new and qualified customers.

    We began with the Grow plan, because we knew that we needed everything that Why Unified had to offer since they were our resort with not only saving the business in the next 90 days, but also bringing the vision of the brand to life.

    With the Grow plan, we had the ability to have an entire funnel created and managed to acquire new local customers and sell them on the concept of our Jeep performance upgrades, all while ensuring that we were retaining, upselling, and nurturing customers who weren’t ready to take the next step with emails and retargeting. This combination in the start was a relief as it was quick to jump-start and begin generating much-needed revenue to rebuild the base foundation of the business that was lost.

    Moving forward, we created a new website that incorporates both the service and eCommerce of our business in combination, which was optimized for search engines on a local and national level.

    To date, we now have a website that’s optimized for search engines on a national level, driving qualified sales for our products, all while our funnels are influencing customers choosing us over another jeep performance shop near-by.

    We started seeing a good number of scheduled appointments within a two-week period as of launching the funnels and ads which was intended to binging qualified jeep lovers in for their next upgrade to subsidize revenue that was potentially lost because of the lack of attention with the prior agency.

    Once our eCommerce-ready website was built and optimized for search engines, we saw online purchases increasing at high rates within three months thanks to taking advantage of national search terms for our products, knowing that we have not done SEO in the past.

    I would have to note several features.

    First and foremost, the combination of service and sofware, where their team does everything for you with a 100% hands-off approach.

    Secondly, real-time marketing reporting with constant updates on the campaign gives us realistic expectations and measurable results.

    Thirdly, the personalization of having your own account manager that does everything for you and that understands your business and is your direct point of contact.

    In short, Why Unified has saved our business from closing down by quickly establishing a short-term strategy with funnels and ads, alongside a long-term strategy that enabled us to establish our vision of becoming a national off-road performance shop.

    No, thank you. We look forward to our long-term partnership with Why Unified as there’s no agency that combines both the software, service, platform, and personalization into one service to actually drive results for our business that work.

    It took about 5-7 days to create our marketing plan, but we were not aware that creating the marketing plan included everything we needed to launch, so it was quite a surprise and it could have been emphasized a little bit more to relieve our already instilled stress.

    Other than that, we are very happy with the services that have been performed, and everything that is included with them; we would not change anything about our experience.

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