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    Qkids is a childrens education company that enables online learning for kids aged 3-7 through Game-based Learning with Certified Teachers. Qkids’ small group learning & engaging learning scenes promote a positive learning experience with a reward system that teaches phonics, sight words, vocabulary & more! Qkids makes learning fun with proven research-based practices developed by education experts. Join 800,000+ students using Qkids!

    While we’ve established great marketshare in several countries in Asia, when launching in the North American market we understood that the United States & Canada was much different than Asian markets, which is where we struggled with acquiring early-adopting mothers that seeked early education for their child in a virtual setting, which the market has not fully adapted too yet.

    While we were in the Asian market, we had our own in-house team which managed various paid media channels to acquire our Asian marketshare. We did not have a team for our North American marketing as Why Unified was the only agency to bring us into the market.

    We started with the Nurture plan because we knew that we needed to create our entire customer lifecycle for the North American market since none of the marketing practices from the Asian markets would apply.


    With the Nurture plan, we started with Facebook Ads and after building the base foundation, we slowely progressed into Google Ads.


    Customers would click through the ads and enter a funnel that essentially walked them either into a free trial or subscription, depending on their behavior in the funnel.


    If a customer started a free trial, we would continue to nurture them through emails and/or retargeting that instills value and educates them on our phonics program to promote having them subscribe.


    Having the entire customer journey managed in one central location is a large benefit simply due to two reasons: consistancy and measuring performance.

    It would close to a one month period when we started seeing consistant and results with ROI. One of the benifits of having the marketing plan created up-front with our campaigns ready-to-launch was a huge beniefit as it saved a lot of time.


    Thereafter, we had a 2-3 week learning period because we had to create new custom audiences for our Facebook Ads campaigns since none from our Asian market would apply.


    Moving past the learning phase, we have now established our North American target audience, and we’re seeing very profitable return on investment with a very low cost per acuqisition.

    Simply the fact that our entire customer lifestyle was planned, created and launched by one team. Trusting one source to handle all of our marketing in a unified manner allowed us to concentrace on consistancy, promoted accountability with ROI, and removed a lot of management.

    It’s going quite well and it’s all thanks to nurturing and educating customers who finished their free trial, but did not subscribe for one reason or another.


    If one element from our funnel were to be removed, we would be loosing potentially hundreds of paid subscriptions monthly, which translates to thousands of dollars in revenue and customers not understanding the importances of phonics for their childs early education.

    Absolutley not. For $689/month we have a qualified team planning, creating and managing a compelete sales funnel, and including all of the associated software with the subscription at no additional cost. If you do the math, it’s hard to come by, because the software alone translates to the cost of the subscription.

    Nothing! We are beyond satisfied with what Why Unified has done to bring us into the North American market.


    The team took the time to understand our business, market, and the brand that we wanted to introduce to potentially millions of users, and created exceptional marketing assets for each of the channels within the funnel which needed very limited revisions.


    If you really want to nit-pick, we would trade the pros over the cons of not having support over the weekend any day since the campaigns are created with precinesses where communication isen’t as critical as it would be otherwise.

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