Customer success story for an lifestyle clothing store.

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    MOOMENN is a modest urban fashion & lifestyle shopping brand that offers modern and trendy Islamic fashion for men without compromising the dress code values in Islam.

    MOOMENN introduces a new fashion alternative in the Islamic market; our challenges included struggles with conveying the right brand message that our clothing aligns with traditional Islamic values. Without the right punctual messaging, we were met with declining sales.


    Further, while our audience consists of men that practice Islam, we understood that our target must go beyond that and into specific personas of men which might not know that they have an interest is modern urban fashion. We had to influence their purchase and change their fashion habbit, which was religious.


    In combination with both critical factors, we had neither established, and we were struggling knowing that our market had a demand for our product.

    We attempted using several different agencies and freelancers, which understood our fundemental problems, but did not integrate the correct solution for them, which results in declining sales and more than a year of wasted time and marketing dollars.

    We began with the Nurture plan because it was a multi-touch plan that would introduce our brand to our target audience, sell them the new fashion concept or educate them through the process.


    With the added personalization that Why Unified provided us with, we were able to establish consistant messaging across the board in every marketing campaign that they were managing for us; essentially create the entire customer journey that we could replicate with consistancy with every customer.

    It took us a little bit longer than we expected, but only because we spend much of the time focusing on the brand messaging and style, which is what we really appriciated about Why Unified and their marketing platform.

    After establishing the brand messaging, we started seeing our marketing campaigns and sales flourish within the first month.


    Our customers understood the messaging, clicked through, purchased – and if they did not purchase, they would be nurtured with emails and retargeting educating them on the concept and sharing the MOOMENN vision.

    Fast turnarounds. It really enabled us to quickly create and optimize the brand messaging than it normally would have taken in the past with other agencies. On average, we would have marketing asset feedback completed the same day or the next day, as if you were an extension of our team.

    But overall, it would have to be the entire marketing platform itself in combination and all of the services and software that it brings together in a single place so we don’t have to contract out to others and break the sequence of consistancy.

    ROAS (Return on AdSpend) is more than we would have expected, and uncomparable to our past campaigns managed by other agencies.


    One of the reasons ROAS is so high is because of the custom audience that Why Unified established, resulting in the targeting of who sees the ads very specific; therefore, spending marketing dollars on the impressions that result in clicks and purchases.

    With the type of service that is being provided at this time, we don’t see any other partner or resource that could compare.


    Other options would consist of either doing it ourself, but the cost of the software combined would exceed the cost of the service, or having to hire a traditional marketing angecy that doesnt take the unique ‘complete customer journey’ approach, which is like driving cross country without directions.

    We are really happy with what Why Unified has done with our campaigns and overall business. This is a solution that we have been looking for in-directly for quite some time.


    In terms of improving, having more brainstorming meetings would be a benefit, even though it’s something that we could have scheduled ourselves. Otherwise, their process is designed to sell and includes everything that we need to sell, and we honestly could not have asked for more.

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