Customer success story for an online dating app.

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    Revler helps is a dating app allowing couples to meet in a more meaningful way with every conversation being annonymous upon both users swiping right on each other, allowing each to learn more about their personality over looks. When the timer expires, the mystery is revealed.

    Revler was a new start-up app, and was in a unique position where it had to acquire free sign-ups of both males and females in the same cities simotaniously in large numbers in order for matches to occur.


    Without both coming together, Revler would not be able to have users match, leaving users frustrated after downloading the app and registering.

    We tried managing our own Google and Facebook Ads campaigns to be met with high ad costs and low quality scores due to lack of correct optimization.


    We then tried hiring several different freelancers overseas, which resulted in more higher quality adspend, but targeting that was not presice and volume that wasen’t enough to result with users matching with one another.

    We started with the Nurture plan beacause we needed complete marketing management from ads all the way through the sign-up and in-app upsells.


    Why Unified took an approach in creating funnels for different personas of individuals (males and females) that may have been unsuccessful dating in the past and introduced our ap as an alternative so when users would click through the Google or Facebook Ads, it would resemble with them.


    From there, we would entice users to either subscribe, and if they had not, they would begin a free trial where they would enter into another funnel that educates them on how to win over love through thoughtful emails.


    Users who weren’t engaged or did not complete their free trial would be followed with retargeting banners on every ad-enabled website that they visit for a certain period of time, in order for Revler to stay top-of-mind.


    With ads, funnels, emails, and retargeting all working together under their marketing platform, we were able to successfully acquire more than 50,000 users across several core states and growing.

    Understanding that Why Unified had to re-do our entire marketing concept and core messaging (which is what we love about them), it took us about a 2-3 weeks to start users begin subscribing and starting their free trials with great consistancy across both Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

    I would have to say the streamlined communication, understanding, and personalization of marketing assets to our brand. If diddn’t know, we woulden’t know the difference between an in-house team v/s Why Unified.


    Likewise, their entire platform is great. We have acess to a dashboard to see all of our marketing updates, and view analytics across the board.


    It’s been a huge benefit how everything is sychrnoized together in one single place and team. We no longer have to worry about contracting five different contractors to create the outcome we now have with Why Unified.

    It’s fantastic. Before Why Unified, our numbers were falling week after week with constant high churn rates.


    We’re now 50,000 users and growing and our churn is little to none with funnels in place for every situation to promote increases in subscribers.


    Moreover, Why Unified is constantly looking to improve our funnels and bring us to higher digits in terms of subscribers.

    Never, ever would we even consider it. Knowing that we’ve seen the rough roads of managing 5+ freelancers and dealing with agencies that only focused on one part of marketing (ex. Google Ads) – it just would not make financial or logical sense.

    We went through struggles of balancing male and female users; it took some time to segment and create custom audiences for both of them. I could see some improvement happening here in the future, or setting more time aside for custom audience creation.

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