Doctor Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
OCTOBER 16, 2019

Doctor Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

Doctors have busy schedules – there’s no secret about that. They have much to worry about, especially the well being of their patients. However, even in the medical industry, if you don’t have doctor marketing strategies, you won't have customers coming your way.  So, how do you find the time to come up with a good digital marketing strategy? You need the best and most reliable marketing method – and that’s why you need the right experts.


How Can Digital Marketing Help Doctors?

So, how does digital marketing play a role in your practice as a doctor?

Unlike the traditional days where doctors would try to reach out for customers via Tv adverts, the modern approach is online based, and in a way more efficient. Think about this. If a person is looking for a doctor in the medical industry, he will start by searching for the best doctor available near them. If you have the best doctor marketing strategies, then you stand to attract more customers.

Having more online presence helps you connect with patients who are searching for health care online. Using content marketing methods like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, you can reach out to people looking for your services.

Why Do Doctors Fail With Digital Marketing Strategies?

You could say that doctors don’t really have time to think of a digital marketing strategy that will work. Or, they could hire the wrong people to do the work for them. Either way, here is a look at a few common reasons why things go wrong.

  • Wrong Marketing Campaigns

Boosted budgets usually accompany marketing campaigns. However, they can fail by not being able to bring in the required engagement. Most campaigns fail due to many reasons. One of the common reasons is the lack of a promotional budget for doctor marketing as it's known to be expensive. To run a successful campaign, you must have enough money to finance towards promotion. This will ensure that you have a well-working promotion engine in social media platforms and other online based applications.

Running a doctor marketing campaign is not enough; you need to have funds to promote your practice. Keep in mind promotion is the best way to get your name out there.

In addition to this, a campaign should have specific goals to achieve. You must consider things like the end goal, and where you expect from your practice at the end of the campaign.

  • Social Media Marketing

Among the most prolific doctor marketing techniques that have failed in the past is social media marketing. Most industries have neglected the importance of social media. Most Doctors will create profiles on platforms and leave them unattended, and not answering customer queries. Why not have someone get back to customer emails?

To run a successful social media marketing platform for your practice, you need to select one platform as your primary one. Facebook and Twitter are a great choice.

  • Neglecting Content marketing

Content development is a great way to improve your online presence. It’s a sure shot way to get your name out there. Most doctors neglect content marketing, though it’s known to improve your ranking by Search engines. For instance, with more backlinks from high profile websites to your content, Google will rank you among the top searches.

Today, most customers look for in-depth information form online based platforms to acquire legit services. As a doctor, you can write insightful articles and blogs related to the medical industry that is shareable, and which will generate more interest and backlinks. You can also write E-books and whitepaper – it all works.

  • Doesn’t Have the Right Feedback System

Did you know that about 90% of customers read online reviews first before following up?  Positive reviews from your customers mean, more customers coming your way. One easy way to ensure that you are getting the right feedback from your customers is ensuring that they can leave their review easily after they’ve visited you.


Why Unified Digital Marketing Programs

If you are looking to do more and have a digital marketing strategy that works, look no further than Why Unified.

The program's essentials cover everything from paid marketing to email marketing and more. Here is a look.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing helps you get your name out there. Plus, with the SEO and content writing experts from Why Unified, you can get ranked among the top sites Improving awareness for your practice through doctor marketing.


Paid Marketing

Most doctors in the industry go for paid marketing on social media platforms like Facebook. However, how much does it contribute to your ROI? With Why Unified, you don’t have to worry. Know the metrics with real-time marketing analytics and stay in the loop always.


Social Media Marketing

The Unified Marketing program improves your access to high-performance social media campaigns. Increases your followers, increase brand awareness in the industry and get more patients – it’s all possible.


Email Marketing including Retargeting

Email marketing has been known to be one of the very effective doctor marketing strategies, especially when having more subscribers. Why Unified Marketing helps doctors build email lists of people who might be potentially interested.

Plus, with retargeting, we even reach out to those who may have seen an advert for your clinic before but didn’t take action. Retargeting could just mean that they are willing to push ahead.


Get Started With Your Digital Marketing Campaign Today!

With a rock sound doctor marketing strategies from Why Unified, doctors don’t have to worry. They can go about their daily business, while we ensure that you have an increasing flow of patients headed towards your clinic.


Why Unified

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