eBook Marketing: How to Promote Your eBook for Free
OCTOBER 01, 2019

eBook Marketing - How to Promote Your eBook for Free

eBooks are now more common than you think. But, how do you promote your eBook for free? Apart from educators, eBooks are used by businesses and marketers to promote their products, generate awareness, build a reputation and collect leads. You can also profit in many ways through eBook marketing, provided enough people download or buy it.


The Top Tips to Teach you How To Promote Your eBook the Right Way

Today, we are going to reveal the top ways to publicize your eBook with eBook marketing.

1. Develop a Striking Landing Page

You need a high-converting landing page to promote your eBook and collect all the leads that come your way. Your goal should be to direct traffic to the landing page and make visitors download your eBook.

  • Consider the pain points of your target customer while writing the landing page's copy
  • Integrate payment options to your landing page if your eBook is paid
  • Add social sharing buttons to encourage shares


2. Promote Using Your Website

Your website is the perfect stepping stone to start your eBook marketing. You can:

  • Add eBook pop-up banners on your blog
  • Include call-to-action (CTA) for eBook in high-traffic pages of your website
  • Create an eBook sidebar or eBook slider for homepage


3. Complement with Supporting Content Formats

You can learn how to promote your eBook for free using various content forms to diversify your marketing efforts.

Create simple blog posts around your eBook's topic and optimize them with target keywords to increase visibility. The posts will establish you as a subject matter expert on your eBook's topic and earn trust from the readers.

Include effective CTAs in each post to increase your eBook downloads. You can also

- Make quick infographics using online tools and add them to your post

- Create slideshow presentations out of your blog posts or eBook content


4. Take Advantage of Social Media

You can use social media to release teasers of your eBook and attract potential downloaders. Examples of teasers could include special facts from your eBook, useful tips, quick how-to articles, or important quotes.


Here's a short guide on using different social media platforms:


  • Integrate eBook marketing landing page on your Facebook profile/page using a custom tab
  • Share your blogs and other marketing content
  • Use eBook banner as your cover picture
  • Share promotional content in relevant groups (avoid spamming)
  • Utilize image and video teasers
  • Pin eBook post on your page


  • Tweet eBook teasers with images and infographics
  • Put the eBook banner as your picture
  • Pin eBook tweets to your profile
  • Tweet at least 10 times a day
  • Reach out to people tweeting about your target keyword and request them to read your eBook


  • Add the eBook landing page to your publication section
  • Provide a good description or positive review of your eBook
  • Share eBook teasers 1 - 2 times a day
  • Participate in relevant groups and promote your eBook
  • Use direct message feature to engage target prospects and invite them to download your eBook
  • Re-publish promotional content


  • Create a group for promoting eBook social teasers
  • Participate in relevant groups to grow your following


  • Add eBook CTA in the bio of your profile
  • Share social teasers (videos and images) 2 -3 times a day
  • Add CTAs in your posts
  • Reach out other users using related hashtags and approach them


  • Create your channel and post social teasers, an effective eBook marketing strategy.
  • Write a good video description with target keywords and CTAs


  • Create quick slideshows and upload them
  • Add CTA to each presentation
  • Share infographics for more effect


  • Track posts related to your target keyword/topic
  • Write an answer that provides value
  • Add a CTA to your eBook landing page


  • Increase your Reddit karma by engaging in relevant subreddits (4 to 5)
  • Share supporting blogs
  • Post about your eBook

Google Plus

  • Use the Communities feature to promote your eBook to a targeted audience


5.  Promote on Other Platforms

You can market your eBook on various content sharing platforms like-

  • Medium
  • StumbleUpon
  • it
  • Forbes

You can also write guest posts on various blogs and add a link to your eBook landing page, which is another way how you can promote your eBook for free. Make sure to select authority sites for best results and ranking your landing page. Google your target keyword, followed by "write for us" to discover sites that accept guest blogging.


6. Promote Using Free Tools

Here are some free tools you can use to publicize your eBook-

Viral Content Bee: Take help of viral marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon with this neat tool. Here people share your posts while you share theirs' to earn credits, which works well for eBook marketing due to sharing worthy content.

Pay With a Tweet: Get social posts on multiple platforms in exchange for free snippets from your eBook.


7. Try Email Marketing

How to promote your eBook to your your email list?

  • Add eBook landing page link in your email signature
  • Provide some chapters for free in your emails
  • Conduct a free webinar


Wrapping Up

You should go all-out to promote your eBook following, and we hope that we've helped to show you how to promote your eBook for free. Alternatively, our marketing program focuses on eBook marketing to capture the right audience and walk them through the sales funnel.


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