eCommerce Growth Hacking Tip Will Sky Rocket Your Sales
JUNE 03, 2019

eCommerce Growth Hacking Tip Will Sky Rocket Your Sales

After hearing the growth hack, you will regret not using it too often. It doesn’t cost any money or involves SEO or paid advertisement. Before we tell you about eCommerce growth hacking, watch this video by Skincare by Alana.

She is talking about five products that she uses to reduce eye puffiness. By the end of the videos, it is very likely for the viewer to purchase at least one of the products. She got over 29k views on her video in the first week it was aired. Alana only spent $200 to get that many views and managed to profit from it through affiliate marketing.

Whether you a YouTuber wanting to boost your affiliate marketing or a new brand trying to reach your target audience, making a live video of your products is the right thing to do to. You might not ever thought about doing something so simple but now that you do, it is time to start planning an influencer marketing campaign. There are so many platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and the latest Amazon Live to use for your company’s benefit. This is the clear definition of eCommerce growth hacking!

Have you ever wondered what makes Amazon Live so different than others? The products are right there on the eCommerce platform. Nothing competes having the product just one click away. Your main purpose through live videos should be spreading awareness followed by effective sales.


Getting thousands of views on Amazon Live

Before we start on how to perform eCommerce growth hacking, there’s a little something more you need know. In the beginning, it is going to be awkward because when you make videos, a lot of editing and effects are added to make it look good. With live videos, you have to be spontaneous. Let’s get started!


Step 1. Download Amazon Live app on your mobile phone

The Amazon Live app is available on both, App Store and Google Play. It is necessary if you want to make videos because the desktop version doesn’t let your record and post a video. After downloading, give the app access to everything it asks for as it will make things easier later.


Step 2. Open the app and get acquainted with it

Open the app and tap on Stream icon, which is in the left bottom corner. Check the videos other people upload and try to learn from them. Now that you are all ready, click the + icon and get started.


Step 3. Start a live stream

You will be redirected to another page, where you have to add products. Click on the + sign to add all products you want and then select the Add to Stream option. Choose a name for your video. If you are not sure about the whole process, we recommend you to record in the Practice Mode. You can either schedule it for later or post it immediately. Add a slate image or thumbnail to attract more people.


Step 4. Boost the video

To make your presence known, you need to invest a little in your Amazon Live videos. It doesn’t cost much to get a thousand views. By investing $200, you will get around 25,000 to 30,000 views, which excludes the non-paid ones.


Step 5. Publish it

Check all the settings twice before you publish the video. Since it is your first time, schedule it for later, so you get a chance to re-record in case there’s something wrong with the video. You can record several videos at once and schedule them for later.


Step 6. Design an attractive banner

Make sure to select a banner for the products you are showing as it boosts sales. You can choose between two options -- share a promotion or display a custom message. When you choose to share a promotion, the products will be displayed at the bottom of your live stream. If you choose the second option, you can write custom text but people can hide it at any time. We recommend you to give the first option at least one try because it makes easier for the viewers to claim discount in just one click.


Step 7. Relax and watch the sales grow

Your work is all done and it is time to see the views and sales grow through eCommerce growth hacking. It will be slow in the beginning but once you start making regular videos, you will make good money.


Maximize your Amazon sales

The first step towards maximizing your Amazon sales is buying a phone with a good camera. You can’t record horizontally, so your screen space is limited, which means the quality has to be superior. Use the selling feature of Amazon Live videos liberally. If you don’t have enough products, how will you make over $100 per video? Always add products with discounts and good reviews. It will not only make people trust you but also come back for more.

Only link products that you think will sell because if a page gets a lot of views but doesn’t make any sales, it will hamper your Amazon organic ranking and defeat eCommerce growth hacking!


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