eCommerce Store Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

eCommerce Store Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

Have you opened an eCommerce store and are looking to get more sales? You need more eyeballs, and for that, effective eCommerce marketing strategies. Let’s face it – if any business needs SEO the most when it comes to an online business, it’s an eCommerce store.

Unlike most ground-based industries that mainly rely on word of mouth and traditional advertising to get by, the eCommerce industry is highly dependant on the right eCommerce digital marketing strategy.


So, how essential is digital marketing to your eCommerce store?

You cannot leave any page that’s not SEO optimized. They are product pages, and you need people to come by. The only way you can do that though is through a digital marketing strategy that works.


Why is Digital Marketing Important?

For one, it helps your customers find you easily.

Let’s take a look at the statistics. Based on research, 37 million web-based visits occur on a daily basis. with over 529,000 requests. You may be using a platform like Facebook to reach out to your audience, but is it effective?

Using SEO techniques and content marketing, you can get more traffic into your websites, in turn building brand loyalty and brand awareness.


Why Do Most E-commerce Marketing Strategies Fail?

Given the lack of knowledge and skill on how digital marketing works, it’s no surprise that many eCommerce stores fail to bring in the crowd. Here is why.

  • You Don’t Target the Right People

You could advertise your services on Facebook or Google. However, to reach out to more individuals, you need to target people who are interested in what you’ve to offer. So, for instance, just targeting people who shop online wouldn’t work. If you have a shoe store online, you need to target people who are interested in buying a shoe. Without a good digital marketing strategy, that can seem difficult.

  • You Don’t Have the Right Support

Most social media platforms are the best places to reach out to customers. However, it takes more than just setting up a social media account. Most eCommerce fails by not having a quick response time to queries and complaints, which should be a part of your eCommerce marketing plan.

Facebook, for instance, is an excellent place to start your marketing. However, how responsive are you to user messages on your Facebook page?

  • The Wrong Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is one of the traditional methods that marketers use as one of their eCommerce marketing strategies. However, over the years, more people have embraced this type of marketing to promote their e-commerce business. However, you shouldn’t just look to get more subscribers.

To run a successful eCommerce online shop, you must use email marketing to set up an interactive interface where customers can ask for more details on a particular product and receive immediate feedback.

  • Check Customer Reviews

Most customers acquire products from a store after going through the reviews. If you have an eCommerce store, don’t forget to include the reviews section. Without reading reviews of the product, you could have more customers walking away.


The Why Unified Program – What You Need in Your eCommerce Marketing Plan

The Why Unified digital marketing programs are what you need as an entrepreneur. It’s sure to make your work simple and interactive.

Here is what you can expect.


Paid Marketing

Among the most successful techniques that you need to promote your eCommerce store is paid marketing. With paid marketing, advertising on social media platforms like Facebook can be very effective. You can target people who are looking for products that you have to offer and convert sales quickly.


Content Marketing

Do you’ve a blog on your eCommerce store? It can be more than a platform to tell your audience about new developments at your company. You could also use it to talk about the products you sell so that you feature better on search engine results.

The Why Unified team helps you develop your content marketing strategy, in turn improving your SEO ranking by search engines. You get more customers to your site, without having to spend on any advertising!


Social Media Marketing

Do people recognize your brand through your existing eCommerce marketing strategies? Why Unified improves your brand presence online with different social media campaigns. In turn, you get more daily visitors.


Email Marketing

The best way to share your product with individual clients is by using email marketing. It offers a more interactive interface where clients can as question freely concerning a specific product.


Why Will You Love Why Unified?

In a dynamic marketing world, the Why Unified Marketing program is set to sell your name out there using the best marketing techniques in digital marketing.

Bring in more visitors who are interested in what you have to offer, and get the long term results you are looking for. While you can subscribe to anyone or couple of the above Why Unified programs, we would suggest that you go for the complete package to get the best results as it will bring together over 10 different eCommerce marketing strategies.


Why Unified

Fuel your business to do more with Why Unified; our all in one marketing platform. Run your sales & marketing in one marketing platform, or have us do it for you under one low monthly subscription.

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