Event Planner Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

Event Planner Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

Are you an event planning company looking to reach out to more people? Well, event planner marketing strategies might come in handy.

Some may believe that the task of an event planner is mainly to coordinate the event details to make everyone's experience memorable and exciting. Yes, that’s there, but the other important thing that event planners need to do is to get more clients.


And for that, you cannot just depend on newspaper ads. You need to come up with event planner marketing strategies that work. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are people loving your events? If so, are they sharing about it?
  • Are you letting people know about your event planning services?
  • How many people or clients are you reaching out to?
  • Who are the top competitors that you’ve and what strategies are they using?

To get more traffic into your event planner website, you need to feature in search results more, and that’s what good event planner digital marketing experts can help you with. The best way to stay ahead of the competition, after all, is to innovate. It’s the secret behind most successful businesses in the world.

So, does digital marketing help in the event planning industry?

Digital marketing helps event planners interact better with their clients. As a result, it improves the level of trust and increases customer satisfaction through your event planner marketing strategy.

You get to be on the first page of the search engine results, making you the first choice for most people looking for event planning services.

The Top Reasons Event Planners Fail in their Marketing Efforts

  • You Promote Straightaway

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, offer a place to share content and brands. One of the mistakes most individual business make is setting up the brand account and posting promotional content straightaway.  When using social media platforms, you have to maximize your connection to reach your target audience.

Create a platform where customers can interact with your business freely .

  • You Don’t Have Content to Share!

Content marketing is one of the many event planner marketing strategies to ensure that you are always at the top. If you are an event planner, your business has to sell a unique story that identifies its brand.  The more you share, the more visitors you get.

Get people talking about a your business, by sharing wonderful images of some of the events  you organize.

  • Neglecting The UI

A beautiful event planner website design is the best way to get clients hooked. If you are running an event planning company, you have to have the most attractive website to beat the competition. Visitors would think about how great your event is by looking at how great your web pages are. You cannot miss out.


How Can Why Unified Help?

Unified Marketing offers you event planner marketing strategies that work, to help you grow your business and build brand awareness.

Here is why you will love Why Unified.


Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms offer the best traffic. The Why Unified team works to create high-performance social media campaigns to increase the number of followers daily. When it comes to event planning, keep your customers engaged.

Tell them about your past events, or talk to them about interesting things related to event planning. Your audience is probably looking to organize an event sooner than later, and if you say the right things, it just makes it easier for them to hire you.



Search Engine Optimization is another method that has been proven to be very efficient in running campaigns. The Why Unified Marketing team optimizes your event planner website to increase search engine rankings.


Paid Marketing

To take your company to the next level, you must consider paid Marketing platforms. Whether it be Google Ads or Facebook ads, the Why Unified team knows how you can reach out to people who are looking to organize events and are in search of event planners.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to monitor potential clients. Why Unified ensures that you have clear customer interaction.  It's also the best method to access more customers who have subscribed to your services at all times.


Advantages of Why Unified Marketing

With Why Unified, the focus is on an event planner marketing strategies that can improve customer interaction, making business fast and reliable.

The Why Unified team does all this by helping you stay in your budget and providing you with honest pricing, depending on the plan and the type of marketing required. You can subscribe to one of the strategies above, or all of them in our digital marketing package – which will help you reach out to more people.

Every business needs more traffic to be successful; why not trust Why Unified to do it for you?


Why Unified

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