Frequently asked questions about our platfom, answered.

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    While there are hundreds of marketing agencies and software providers, there’s no alternative that brings together both under one marketing platform to establish a sales funnel that walks buyers through the sale.


    Not to mention, it’s based on a low monthly subscription that includes features that in combination are worth thousands – just the software alone equals your monthly subscription with us.

    If you’re currently have nothing in play with your marketing or are struggling to stay afloat, the Sell plan is a great starting point. It will enable you to gain quick wins with acquiring customers through Facebook or Google Ads which land into a funnel to convert.


    Now, if you’re more flexible, our Nurture plan allows you to take it a step further into nurturing customers who left the landing page and did not purchase through emails and retargeting, which allows you to capture potentially lost opportunities with a complete sales funnel.


    Our Grow plan is intended for businesses that want to use everything they learned from their funnels to create a website that converts as effectively, all while establishing long-term growth with the lowest acquisition cost using search engine optimization.

    Yes. If you cancel your subscription, as long as your account is in good standing, you will receive an export of all of your marketing campaigns and assets with a complete transfer of ownership.

    We offer a 25% discount when being billed bi-annually (every 6 months).

    Yes! You can easily upgrade to any plan at any time and the update will be pro-rated. When downgrading, we require a 60 day minimum on the current plan since we’ve pre-created your entire funnel, which also applies to cancellations.

    Getting started is quick and easy. You can simply visit our Plans & Pricing page, select a plan, and begin the quick onboarding process so that we can ask you a few questions and learn more about your business.


    After you’ve completed onboarding, we’ll complete your marketing plan within 3-7 business days which includes everything your campaign needs to launch. If you approve the plan, we can continue launching your funnels and campaigns. If you decline, you can cancel with a full refund.

    If you approve the plan, we continue into launching your plan since your funnels and campaigns are launch-ready. If you decline, you can cancel with a full refund.

    While we don’t have contracts, we do have a 60-day notice of cancellation policy since we do pre-create your entire funnel. We don’t offer refunds after approving the marketing plan unless you’re eligible for our Guaranteed Goals™ policy which will be described in your marketing plan and/or service agreement.

    With our Guaranteed Goals™, we extend a policy to subscribers enrolled with the Nurture plan that supports building a mutual partnership.


    Since we manage your entire customer lifecycle, we will guarantee to reach goals in 3 or 6 months. If we don’t achieve or exceed the Guaranteed Goals™ after that period, you are eligible for a 25% refund of your subscriptions paid to date.


    Guaranteed Goals™ can be measured in many different ways; it does vary based on your marketing plan. For example – orders, calls, leads, etc. except for revenue.


    You’ll find your specific Guaranteed Goals™ policy, along with terms and conditions that apply within your marketing plan and service agreement.

    On average, our subscribers begin seeing initial marketing performance within the first two weeks during the learning phase with strong increases and more stable performance after the 2-week learning phase.

    We’ve made reporting and communication very simple. You’ll have access to your marketing dashboard where you can view real-time performance of your funnels, status updates, and where you communicate with your account manager.

    While the proven process we follow with our funnels is similar with every subscriber, every funnel is personalized 100% for the business in question, which is the reason we create the marketing plan and allow you to see your funnel in play before making a monthly commitment.

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    Yes, that means we'll build out your complete funnel before you even consider signing up to have us start driving sales.