Have a birds-eye view on your funnel; watch how buyers are going through the customer journey in real-time.

Monthly Reports

Dive deeper into your sales funnel with monthly reports that provide more insights on your customer journey.


Easily message your account manager with questions about your reporting or funnel on-demand in your dashboard.

Our funnels include everything you need to grow your online store.

Our funnels are designed to be cost-effective. They're
all-inclusive with no hidden fees or up-sells.

Insights & Trends

Observe how your funnel has been performing in the past; how past optimizations are performing to current trends.

Buyer Journey

Visualize the entire buying journey to see at what parts of the funnel users are buying.

Sales Performance

Get a birds-eye view on your sales performance which integrates directly with your ecommerce platform.

Funnel Performance

See your funnel in play with performance, and monitor related metrics in real-time.

Ads Performance

Watch ads that are active; see your overall campaign performance with metrics that matter.

Email Performance

Watch how your customers are entering your email funnel; monitor clicks, forwards & more.

Checkout Performance

Flow through checkout to see which checkout is outperforming another.

Monthly Reporting

Bring all of your monthly performance together into one report which gives you deeper insights.

Start selling with a funnel under one platform & team

Our funnels are not only designed to support more checkouts, and introduce a journey of natural up-sells, but they’re cost-effective too.