Fencing Contractor Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

Fencing Contractor Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

Running a fence installation business demands connecting with more clients. You have to know precisely what the client requires and see how you can deliver it, but only with the right fencing contractor marketing strategies are you able to generate qualified leads.

While client satisfaction remains important, there is another thing that you cannot miss out on as a fencing contractor – the need to get more clients. Sure, word of mouth helps but it shouldn’t be the only thing you should be looking for.

Using a good fencing contractor digital marketing strategy, you can grow your business and advance in the industry.


How Can a Good Digital Marketing Strategy Help Those in the Fencing Industry?

More people are using online-based platforms today daily. For instance, instead of listening to music from radio stations, most people opt to live to stream their music.

As a fencing contractor, you need to find the right clients.  If you have your fence installation company online, the chances are that you will have more customers coming your way. However, success is not immediate; it takes a little time, but you will love the results with the right fencing contractor marketing.


Why do Digital Marketing Strategies Fail for Fencing Contractors?

One of the reasons why most of the fencing agencies have failed in the past is implementing outdated marketing techniques. Remember all fencing contractor marketing strategies requires a budget and funds.


You Shouldn’t Use Social Media Only for Promotion

Using social media is an excellent way to interact with customers, but it can be the other way round as well. Most agencies and companies use social media advertising space, just like TVs and billboards. It may seem productive, but promotion is not the only purpose of social media platforms. In fact, social media followers unfollow brands if the only information provided is promotional.

Allow your customers to express themselves. They need a platform they can interact and relate with their day to day activities.

Here is the thing. About 35% of customers reach out to brands and organizations via social media platforms to raise concerns or even ask questions. Companies that engage with their customers have higher traffic with more customers calling for their services.


Which Social Media Platform are You Using?

To run a successful fencing business, you need to have a variety of platforms. In the modern world, you have several platforms to choose from. Make sure you go for the right platform. Facebook and Twitter are the two options you need to look at first.

When choosing a social media platform, ensure that you go for a platform that your audience interacts with most. Most companies fail by choosing the wrong platform and the wrong social media marketing strategy for fencing contractors.


Missing out on On-Page Optimization

Sure, you have your blog related to the fencing industry, but is it SEO optimized? Most fencing companies have failed to observe SEO rules. From ensuring the right title to using the meta and alt tags, every small thing matters.

The best way to ensure that your content is well optimized for search engine ranking is by having an expert optimize the content for yours. It’s sure to help you climb up the rankings faster.


Are You Looking at the Feedback?

Never forget to incorporate into your business is feedback. Feedback doesn’t just tell others about your service, and how well you are doing - it tells them that your service is popular as well.


The Why Unified Programs

Why Unified offers world-class fencing contractor marketing strategies tailored for the fencing industry. As a fencing contractor, you get to reach out to more clients easily.


Search Engine Optimization

Looking to get 365-degree insight on your SEO strategies? Manage your SEO campaign with off-page and on-page SEO, link building and content marketing strategies that ensure you are always at the top.


Social Media Marketing

Do you’ve a social media marketing strategy that works? Drive-in high traffic on your social media accounts the easy way with the help of a social media marketing team who knows their job.


Email Marketing

Our fencing contractor marketing runs by creating sales funnels that keep in touch with potential clients. You don’t just get to build on your email list – you get people who are really interested in what you have to offer.


Content Marketing

From blogs to brochures and web text, let us create content that sells. We will help design SEO friendly content and marketing copies like landing pages that will help you convert quicker.


Paid Campaigns

What good is it if you are unable to reach out to your customers quickly? SEO works, but it takes time. With our targeted paid campaigns, you can have ads on Google and Facebook that can help you get more clients, quickly.


Why Will You Love Why Unified as a Fencing Contractor?

Why Unified works by combining both marketing and sales, ensuring that you have fencing contractor marketing strategies that are tailored for your fencing business.

We don’t just help you target customers through paid advertisements, we also help you build on your SEO efforts, so that you can get results over the longer run. It’s time to become the number 1 fencing business in your area. Are you ready?


Why Unified

Fuel your business to do more with Why Unified; our all in one marketing platform. Run your sales & marketing in one marketing platform, or have us do it for you under one low monthly subscription.

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