Fitness & Gym Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

Digital marketing has become paramount for the success of virtually all forms of business ventures. The internet and the different functions it offers have created a fertile environment to exploit myriads of various marketing methods, and gym marketing is one of the best examples.

Personal training, fitness products, and even gyms have the perfect platform for fitness marketing through many channels.

Videos, articles, tips, series, and even recipes can all be shared online to generate traffic from potential customers into your services, so it’s necessary that you take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Here’s the right (and wrong) way to run your fitness digital marketing and ensure results:


What Not to Do.


1. Don’t Use TV Commercials.

Your ideal customers are proactive people who can get motivated to exercise and live an overall healthy life.

That kind of people is usually not likely to watch enough TV to see your commercials, and you’ll end up spending money that won’t get you more clients.

2. Don’t Advertise On Physical Newspapers.

Again, most people who are likely to feel attracted to living a fitness lifestyle won’t really pick up a newspaper to see where to workout.

As such, these ads are just another way to spend money on gym marketing that won’t attract clients for your business.

3. Cold Calling.

Calling advertisement and sales were annoying back in the day, but there were few options for firms to advertise.

Today, they’re just plain annoying, and most people will simply ignore your sales pitch and wait for the call to end.


What To Do.


There are hundreds of marketing approaches, and using many of them ensures success. Luckily, WhyUnified.com offers different plans for fitness digital marketing:

1. Unified Marketing.

Unified Marketing offers social media marketing, brand value, and even content marketing, which are crucial to the success of your business.

You can use it to provide useful fitness content for your audience that will convince them of your expertise.

2. Unified Workplace.

If you want to build a whole workplace, then this plan offers online payment, helpdesks, and even cloud phone solutions.

Additionally, the appointment scheduler tool is perfect for personal trainers who see many clients!

3. Unified Generate.

Content marketing is one of the most reliable channels for fitness digital marketing since you can give a taste of what potential clients can get from you.

With social media and paid marketing included, you’ll have the perfect complement to your holistic strategy, putting your content in front of everyone.

4. Unified Convert.

If website conversion is what you look for: subscribers or selling recipes, training programmes, or even fitness courses, then this is what you need.

It optimizes your website and offers sales funnels to make sure your pages accomplish their objectives!

5. Unified Nurture.

If your gym marketing strategy is to develop a strong brand, Unified Nurture is for you.

With email marketing as an extra, you can test different approaches and versions of your brand with their A/B testing and brand value services.

6. Unified Monitor.

Unified Monitor gives you the chance to keep track of your business and market. You’ll be able to monitor your goals and how your website is doing, so you can have a good prediction on future evolution.

You can also monitor your competitors!

7. Unified Sales.

Caring for customer relationships is paramount for strengthening your sales, and Unified Sales focus on that.

You can use this to give your customers the best comfort.

8. Unified Management.

Track projects, use books and even offer your own helpdesk through Unified Management.

As you start to grow, you’ll need to get a team and evolve your business, and Unified Management gives you the tools to do just that.

9. Unified Marketing.

If your weakness is fitness marketing itself, then this program will offset that.

Email marketing, social management, and even a cloud phone make just a bit of what this plan has in stock to take your business to the next level.

10. Unified Analytics.

If you need to track your gym digital marketing campaigns, Unified Analytics has the tools for that.

From time slot and service booking to appointment scheduling services, you can always have an eye on what needs to be done so everything goes smoothly


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