Guide to Chatbot Marketing & How to Add a Chatbot
OCTOBER 03, 2019

Guide to Chatbot Marketing & How to Add a Chatbot

Chatbots have become really popular to attract, retain and engage customers. Last year, 67% of consumers across the world took the help of chatbots for customer support. The trend is only going to become strong, with 85% of all customer interactions taking place without human intervention by 2020; we call this chatbot marketing.

Today, we are going to explore the uses to chatbots for businesses and tell you how you can collect more leads through chatbot marketing. You can use various platforms and software to create and manage your chatbot. But we are going to focus on Facebook bots because:

  • Chatbots are easy to build and manage
  • More than 5 billion users already use the platform


What is a Chatbot & How to Add a Chatbot?

A chatbot bot (messenger bot) is a software that uses artificial intelligence to converse with your audience through a chat interface. Chatbots can intercept messages sent to a Facebook page and interpret them using technologies like Natural Language Processing.

You can program them to recognize keywords and questions and automatically give replies like a human. The whole process is automated, making sure your customers have someone to resolve their queries even at 3 am, which is why it's called chatbot marketing.

You can easily learn how to add a chatbot using a Messenger bot using Messenger API available from Facebook. Some coding knowledge is required and you can use your favorite programming language to develop the bot like Java, PHP, node.js, or Go.

Some people also use chatbot builder platforms available online to create replies, connect them to prospective keywords and build a tree of knowledge. The chatbots can provide snippets of this knowledge to your customers on need-basis, and help them get answers and close transactions.


How can Chatbots Help Businesses?

1. Engage Customers with Chatbot Marketing

44% of US consumers prefer chatbots over human communication for customer interactions. If you are not using chatbot marketing, you are likely to lose your prospective customers.

Chatbots offer a natural way to engage and pass information to your customers, mimicking human conversation. You can use a chatbot for your business and engage leads 24/7 without interruption.

2. Improve Customer Experience

Chatbot marketing goes a long way to enhance the customer experience. They have someone to resolve their queries round the clock and will never need to wait again for a human executive. You can also create a personalized experience for each customer based on his purchasing history and provide credible shopping advice.

3. Save Time and Cost

Chatbots don't require a human employee to oversee or control the interaction process. Automation helps you free your employees' time, which can be used for productive tasks to increase your profit.

You also don't need to pay salaries or bonuses to a chatbot and they also don't fall sick.

4. Reduce Errors

Humans are prone to errors. A human agent can make mistakes, confuse numbers, or forget information while talking to a customer.

But chatbots don't have any such issues. They will always provide accurate and correct answers to customer queries without any room for mistakes. That, in turn, enhances customer satisfaction.

5. Drive Conversions and Sales

Chatbot marketing can be more effective than your sales rep in closing a deal and ensuring a sale. A chatbot enables you to-

  • Engage customers better through personalized interactions
  • Offer expert shopping advice to aid sales
  • Issue notifications to customers about products and promotions
  • Reach more people through Facebook ecosystem which has over 2.7 billion users
  • Collect leads any time of the day.
  • Eliminate wait times for your customers

The above capabilities and other features of Messenger bot make it ideal for growing and nurturing your business.


How to Collect More Leads Using Chatbot Marketing?

Even though Facebook allows the collection of limited data, you can program chatbots to collect leads and more information.

Let's say you run a hotel and employed a chatbot on your Facebook page. You can now program the chatbot to help your customers make reservations through automation. The chatbot can present choices like the dates they want to reserve the room for, room types and more.

You can also set up your chatbot to intercept and collect customer data like phone number, email, profession, and other details. The process also feels natural, just like talking on the phone and uses a platform that your users are already comfortable with.

You can also personalize your messages based on user data, and make lead generation more effective. Your conversions are also bound to increase, as 67% of US millennials prefer to purchase products from a brand that uses chatbots.


Final Thoughts

Chatbot marketing has become a major tool for modern companies to attract business and engage potential customers. They also go a long way to generate leads and make room for increased conversions and sales. Using our Unified Marketing program, we can integrate chatbot marketing into your marketing strategy.


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