Handyman Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
OCTOBER 12, 2019

Handyman Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

Who doesn't need home improvement? You can hire an interior designer or buy some great furniture, but it’s no secret that you will need a good handyman, but you also need a combination of handyman marketing strategies.

If you are in the handyman industry, looking to get more jobs, you can’t rely on word of mouth alone. Handyman marketing has become in less than a decade into the most popular way to sell these services, and of course, With the Unified Marketing program, you can better understand better where you are, what you need, and where to go.


Why do Handyman Businesses Fail at a Digital Marketing Strategy

Handyman businesses may want to reach out to more customers by going online, but without the right strategy, most fail. Here is what often goes wrong.

1. Don’t Invest in Social Media Channels

One of the reasons most handymen fail on their way to success is by not having their social media working correctly among their blogs, websites, and so on.

2. Don’t know where to start

Do you first start your blog or do you go to invest in paid advertising first? Often, handyman businesses go in for the latter first. Without the right content to draw in the audience, they don’t get as much engagement as they would like.

3. Forget building landing pages

Landing pages are what drives in more conversions. You need the right Call to Actions to help you out. Are you building landing pages the way the handyman industry needs?


Digital marketing in the Handyman Industry: An Outlook

With digital advertising through your website and social media profiles, you can improve your handyman website design, ensuring your service sells. However, it is not as simple as putting some random web advertising and wait for clients to appear as a magical miracle. Here is how Why Unified makes it happen.


Use Social Media the Right Way

By integrating your website with your social media and some other extra tools like reports generators and web advertising, you will be able to obtain benefits in a short period and also plan some future strategies that allow your business to grow up.


Paid Advertising With Actionable Data

The Unified Marketing Programs are redefining the entire digital marketing world. They help to integrate all of your revenue generation activities into a sound working system that could track all of your sales, manage all your pipeline, automate your marketing actions and generate accurate reports regarding your handyman services.

Unified Marketing programs will make you understand better the importance and weight of social media and people interactions and how they integrate into the digital marketing world. Your website and social media have to be intertwined if you want your Handyman marketing strategies to succeed. Otherwise, you will be throwing away your money instead of investing it in a smart digital marketing program.


Pay per Click Advertising

Now that you get the point, then you'll be able to take advantage of the Unified Marketing tools like pay-per-click advertising, on-site SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Marketing Management. These are just some of the features that will increase your performance, will attract clients and also will allow you to have accurate reports about where you are in the whole map, so you can avoid any mistakes that could let you in bankruptcy.



So, now that you are aware of these basics, you have a starting point. You can begin with social media, content, or paid marketing to start engaging the audience. That means that your handyman digital marketing will be focused on having your website appear first on search engines, advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and so on.


A/B Testing and Email Marketing

You need comprehensive handyman marketing strategies to do more. Move onto email marketing, retargeting, or even AB testing to compare the performance of your website and make the necessary improvements.

Afterward, it would be smart to do some conversion optimization or sales funnels to start having more clients and not just visitors on your website.


Monitor Results

Later, performing predictive analysis and monitoring competitors will help you create new strategies that bring sales to the company, because, what good is it to have lots of visits but no actual hiring for your Handyman services?


Digital Marketing Specialized for the Handyman Industry

Using Unified Marketing will help you see benefits from the first day by generating, nurturing, converting, and monitoring your handyman website. Integrating your company into the digital marketing world is critical to improving your sales and leaving the competition behind. Unified Marketing programs will help you have a better handyman marketing strategy and start seeing profits before you know it.


Why Unified

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