How to: Add Urgency in Sales & Increase Website Conversions
JUNE 14, 2019

How to- Add Urgency in Sales & Increase Website Conversions

If you run a business online, you’ve probably burnt the midnight oil creating content to get more and more people to visit your website. But, traffic is of no good without conversions. After all, conversions will boost your sales and fetch money. You need to learn how to create urgency in sales.

Customers are tough nuts to crack. They will start looking at your website long before they even plan to make a purchase. Spending their time doing due diligence is fair on their part but you can’t let your business suffer because of this time gap.


The link between urgency and conversions:

Let’s think of an example. If you visit a site like ipage.com - a web hosting company, and then head off to another web page without getting a plan for yourself, you would see a clock timer - one offering you an exclusive deal if you buy their hosting plan immediately, this is a great example of adding urgency in sales and increasing website conversions.

Sure, it’s not true. You would get that page each time you visit iPage.com and try to head to another page. However, the timer does instill a sense of urgency in sales of many customers, leading to an increase in website conversions. And it’s something you may want to look at too.

Customers who shop online are on a constant lookout for amazing deals, they want urgency in sales.

Take advantage of this to win them. Create a sense of urgency in sales around their shopping process by rewarding them for quick action.

Delivering the product the next day if they order within the next few hours is a great example of this. Amazon uses this tactic way too often and we all know where it stands.

Another way to get your customers to act fast is to target their Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Offer exclusive products under a limited period offer to make your customer feel that she would lose out on something valuable if she doesn’t act NOW, which is a perfect example of urgency in sales.

If you give your customers all the time in the world, they might start pondering over the value of your offering, they might even do some more research and get inclined towards your competitor. You don’t want that.

Read on to know how you can use deadlines to your advantage.


Time bound re-marketing offers:

It is highly unlikely for a customer to make a purchase in the first interaction. The deal will almost always go on till the second visit, if not beyond that. To get it right the second time itself, make your customer think that she still has the chance to get the product or the service if she acts immediately. Once she leaves your website for the first time, make sure that she sees your ad all over the internet.

When you do that, insert deadlines in your ads. Use words like ‘hurry’, ‘last chance’, ‘don’t miss out’, ‘x days left’ etc. However, this comes with a caveat. It won’t work for everyone who leaves your website after the first interaction. You will have to carefully identify whom to retarget based on their product page visits and frequency. Make sure you give such offers only to high potential customers who repeatedly visit your page, after all, urgency in sales might not be ideal to everyone.


Insert expiring deals on landing pages:

You can also offer limited period discounts on your product’s landing page. Show slashed prices with messages like ‘only for today’, ‘offer expires soon’. It makes people think that it will be better for them to buy it now before the offer ends and prices go up again. A club such deals with a timer to create a serious sense of urgency. The idea is to make the visitor think, “I better buy this NOW”.


Insert deadlines in emails to increase website conversions:

The prerequisite to use this tactic is to capture email addresses of all the leads you have. Once you have them, you can personally target your leads with deadline bound emails. If you want your leads to convert, present lucrative offers but make sure to include that the offer won’t last for long. Use email to call for action with phrases like ‘ends today’, ‘last x days to save more’, ‘rush’, ’buy now’ etc.


Exit intent offers:

Exit intent is especially designed to target the visitor when she tries to leave your website and it helps promote an increase in website conversions. It is in the form of a lucrative offer that asks your lead to sign up with her email address if she wishes to avail it. You would be surprised to know that it does a pretty decent job of capturing one-third of your lost visitors. Insert deadlines in an exit intent pop-up. Just when the lead is about to leave, hit her with a message asking her to make the choice before it’s too late. Using ‘you’re leaving too early’ is a great example.


Use scarcity to scare people:

How often have messages like ‘hurry, only 2 left’ have caused you to make a purchase? Numerous times, right? Smart websites have used this on you and it's the perfect example of urgency in sales, you can use it on your customers too. Messages like ‘high in demand’, ‘only last item left’, ‘people are eyeing this product’ are wonderful action calls. They instill a sense of now or never and nobody wants to miss a great deal. Moreover, it also creates a sense of satisfaction. Something is scarce because a lot of people want it and a lot of people only want what’s best.



You can make conversions on your website relatively easy by using a deadline centered approach. Let your customers know that time and tide wait for no one, so do great deals. Talk to us to know what strategy will be best for you.


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