How to Convert Blog Traffic into Sales & Increase Blog Traffic
MAY 30, 2019

how to convert blog traffic into sales & increase blog traffic

Blogging is a powerful digital marketing tool for ranking on Google, generating leads, and building a strong authority in your domain. However, to reap its benefits you have to do more than just set up a blog. If you want a blog that works, you need to put in a lot of time and effort into it and also learn how to convert blog traffic to sales.

Generating leads is the easiest with blogs but only if you first offer valuable content to your readers by learning how to increase blog traffic. A blogger named Oren Smith increased leads by 250 percent via blogging. Unfortunately, not many B2C blogs are able to generate enough leads. If your blog gets thousands of views every month but they don’t convert into leads, here are four reasons behind it:


1. Trying too hard to get leads

Pop-ups are amazing for generating leads and converting blog traffic to sales but only if you use them logically. If your blog has too many pop-ups, you are driving the leads away. Put yourself in your reader’s place. When you open a website and the first thing you see is a pop-up, you are going to be annoyed. The website didn’t give you any reason to sign-up, which makes it more annoying. This just tells that the website is trying too hard to get your attention.

One thumb of rule you must remember is that never ask anyone to sign-up until they have seen your content and you'll need to first learn how to increase blog traffic. Use only a few pop-ups and use them strategically. There are two types of pop-ups we recommend you to use -- the Hello Bar and the exit intent.

The Hello Bar pop-up is at the top of your website’s homepage, while an exit intent pops up when the reader is about to exit the website. It usually appears when the reader moves the cursor towards the close icon. The conversion rates are high and offers value because the reader has already seen your content and gained information from it. Another reason you should use exit intent is because they just can’t ignore it. Use a fullscreen pop-up so the readers don’t miss it.


2. The content isn’t valuable enough

If you want to bring blog traffic to sales, you need to show value. If your blog isn’t generating enough leads, go back to your content and check if it is solving people’s problems. There’s always room for improvement. One of the common reasons is too many short blogs. If you want to create valuable content, you need to write a well-researched and long article.

On average, an informative blog is 1,890 words long. It doesn’t matter whether you have writing experience or not until you are giving good information. Another issue you might be facing is lack of depth. Whenever you write a blog, think that the reader doesn’t know anything. Just lightly going through the topic isn’t going to add value to your blog. Your goal should be to cover as many related topics as possible.

Go to searches related to section of Google to find the related topics. It sounds like a lot of work but it is what going to make readers come back to your blog.


3. You don’t give readers a reason to sign-up

All you need is to give your readers one single reason to sign-up. Once they sign-up, they will readily become customers and your blog traffic will result in sales. Everyone wants everything in return. If you ask for an email without giving anything in return, you are not going to get any positive response. Consider Sujan Patel’s pop-up. He is giving a powerful and exciting reason to join the mailing list. This is what lead magnet is all about.

The lead magnet can be your content or free access to e-books, webinars, or exclusive discounts on different products and services or anything else that you think is valuable to your readers. However, having only one lead magnet is not going to work for all, you'll need to consistently increase traffic on your blog to perform A/B testing. Randomly assign lead magnets to different readers to make the most out of your opportunity.


4. Boring sign-up form

No matter how personalized your blog’s lead magnet is, if you don’t have an attractive sign-up, no one is going to give you their email. You can’t have a generic pop-up and expect people to sign-up because you aren’t clearly mentioning a clear reason.

Finding the right one for your blog is going to take some research. Keep changing the form’s design until you find the one that brings the most number of leads. The first thing you need to remember while designing a pop-up is keeping it short and crisp. The next thing is that you have to directly mention what the reader will get after signing up.



If you are new at blogging, it will take you some time to figure out what works and what doesn’t but it's most important to increase blog traffic and turn that blog traffic to sales.

Focus on building brand value and regular A/B test new ideas to find content that is more informative and valuable to your readers.



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