How to Grow Your Podcast Audience: 10 Actionable Tips
JUNE 12, 2019

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience - 10 Actionable Tips

Having a podcast on your website is a great way to boost your traffic. More people prefer to listen to the content they like instead of simply reading through it. The increasing popularity of podcasts is encouraging a lot of online businesses to use them as a powerful marketing tool. As you become a part of that race, I will tell you how to win it, but, let’s start with the basics first of how to grow your podcast audience.


What are podcasts and why are they important?

A podcast is a collection of audio files that can be downloaded and listened to as per convenience.

It is this download ability, hence convenience that is making podcasts more and more popular among internet users i.e. practically everyone today. With this trend, having the usual content delivery methods like blog posts and infographics is not going to make you stand out. Hence, the only answer to whether you should have a podcast or not is YES.

Our problem here is to make the audience flock to your podcast while abandoning the other alternatives available to them. Here’s how you can do that –


Focus on value:

How to grow your podcast as an online marketer, you should be obsessed with providing valuable content to your customers. Your podcast should not be an exception to this rule. If you deliver something valuable to people, they will come to you. It is that simple. Identify the pain points in your field of operation and use podcasts to solve them. Take an important theme and unfold it there, have questions answered. Basically, satisfy people’s curiosity or solve their problems, numbers will shoot up.


Produce quality audio:

Customers don’t like to compromise on quality, neither should your podcast. It should sound like it was recorded in a professional studio. Avoid using your cellphone to record one and start using professional equipment. See the tools that are available in the market, find out what your competitors use and pick the one that works best for you.


Target the loyalists:

Word of mouth is one of the major components that decides the popularity of a podcast. People who religiously follow podcasts highly recommend them to their friends if they like it. These loyalists are your volume generators. Make sure you provide them what they like so that they get you more people. You can do this by ensuring seamless subscription process and by creating fresh, well-researched content that quenches their thirst for knowledge. Additionally, break your content into episodes. This will make them keep coming back to you, which is another way in taking the approach of learning how to grow your podcast.


Be choosy with your speakers:

Targeting big speakers right when you’re starting out can be tough and costly. Therefore, you’ll have to be smart about finding the right person to target your audience. Try recruiting someone whose target audience is the same as yours. Find people who are knowledgeable about the subject and are waiting to get their next big break. They love to address people. Network with them to find out who in their circle aligns with your needs.


Be Direct:

Going overboard with your podcast’s branding is a big no and should be remembered when learning how to grow your podcast. Since choosing what to listen to is something that a user decides in seconds, you can’t afford to play with words here. Your cover art and title must be clear enough to tell the user what to expect. Use simple words, right genre category, and a direct title while naming your podcast.


Make your presence felt:

Podcast lovers browse through multiple channels to choose their best available option. Your first step towards learning how to grow your podcast, and gaining a huge following is to get noticed. Broadcast your podcast on all popular platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc. to get noticed.


Get rated to get noticed:

It’s a general rule of thumb that content with good ratings and reviews attracts more and more people. You have to get your podcast liked, shared and subscribed by a decent number of people if you wish to have a huge audience. You can do this by actively emailing people to listen to your podcast. Also, have a few critics advocate your podcasts. It enhances credibility. Finally, don’t forget to circulate teasers on social media as a lot of traffic flows in from there.


Get referred:

Take advantage of your speakers’ target audience. It might overlap a little with yours but it will not necessarily be the exact same set of people. Have your speaker share your podcast among their followers to get new listeners.


Opportunity assessment is important:

Be on a constant look-out on social media. Closely monitor the unmet needs that people are talking about and find where you can contribute. Once you find that, share your podcast link to draw the right audience to your content.


Call for action:

Make it easy for your listeners to rate and review your podcast. We know how important they are for you to get more people. Ask them to provide stars and feedback once they are done listening. Club this with small incentives to see a better response with learning how to grow podcast audience.


Stick to your promises:

In order to learn how to grow podcast audience, commit and stick to a fixed schedule. Inform your audience when they can expect the next audio and deliver it at the promised time. Don’t leave people hanging, they might not come back to you again. Also, don’t keep too much gap between your episodes, it breaks the flow.



In a world where podcasting is becoming the next big thing in content marketing, make sure you not only produce quality content but also take steps to make it heard. Record more than your competitors and ensure top-notch listener experience to climb up the ladder and consistently learning how to grow podcast audience.


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