How to Increase Conversion Rate on Website & Convert Traffic Into Sales
MAY 28, 2019

how to increase conversion rate on website

If I tell you that you should prioritize your website traffic and let conversions be, you might think I am not talking sense. Exactly, that is not my point. What I am trying to say is that you should use a significant portion of your resources for traffic generation and learning how to increase conversion rate on website. Notice how I said significant, not all. That’s only because if you are managing to generate good traffic but your conversions are below par, some conversion optimization needs to be in place. Usually, that’s not the case – not for most of you at least. Therefore, here we’ll cater to the masses and help them understand how prioritizing traffic over conversions might be a better growth strategy.


The ‘more traffic, more conversions’ rule:

It won’t take me a lot of effort to explain the direct proportionality between traffic and conversions. That’s something you already know. I am going to hit you with the ugly truth instead.
Did you know that the majority of conversion rates don’t even hit the 0.5% mark? Even for the hottest e-commerce websites, the conversion rate is 4% at best. With these numbers, do you really think it is worth investing resources on learning how to increase conversion rate on the website with practices that will boost your sales only marginally? No, right?

The solution to your problem lies in boosting traffic and learning how to convert traffic into sales. Increasing your website traffic by just 1000 people could work wonders. Even at the 4% mark, you have 40 new customers right there.

Now consider what would have happened if you would have taken the alternative approach of taking your conversion rate from 4% to 5%? That would have fetched you only 10 extra customers. Nothing extraordinary.

Therefore, the best strategy for you is to drive more traffic on your website so that you can convert traffic into sales. Get people there and then target them with customized content. Even maintaining the same conversion rate would significantly boost your sales.


Use traffic to increase brand awareness:

One simple rule of business – familiarity drives uptake. Traffic can help people know about your brand. Use blog posts to catch people’s attention and then create customized advertisements for them. If you're learning how to increase conversion rate on the website, your website traffic will increase dramatically if you focus on just driving qualified traffic. People who did not even know about your brand earlier are right there on your website and a few of them might even want to make a purchase. Congratulations, you managed to get attention!

At the end of the day, as a digital marketer, you need traffic and leads. I am going to hit you with a few numbers again. Did you know that about 50% of social media marketers say that increasing brand awareness is their primary goal? Also, 85% of businesses use social media just to create awareness about their brand.

The primary purpose of increasing brand awareness is to have more and more people talk about you. The more they talk about you, the more they let other people know. The pipeline of your potential customers is always in making. Remember that.

Now, you want these potential customers to interact with you and convert traffic into sales and that is exactly why you need to focus not just on creating great content but on traffic optimization as well. Get them to your website, conversions will follow.


Traffic will help you identify your pain points:

By now you know how conversions are related to traffic and you've learned the number one factor on how to increase conversion rate on website. Traffic comes first and conversion comes later. In-order-to optimizes conversions and convert traffic into sales, you need a fair amount of traffic to perform tests like A/B analysis, content engagement etc. Simply put, without good traffic, you cannot formulate your conversion strategy. If you do not have enough traffic (by enough, I mean thousands and thousands of people) most of your analysis would be of no use.

The results will be faulty if they get generated at all. Using them to dictate your plan-of-action could backfire. The only way out is to have more traffic flock to your website so that you can correctly identify your areas of improvement and create an effective strategy.


Traffic raises long-term potential:

In-order-to buy from you, people need to interact with you a lot before making the purchase.

Time for numbers again – about 80% of the sales happen between a customer’s fifth and twelfth interaction with your brand. People need the assurance that they are making the right decision by choosing you, so they spend a fair share of time doing their due diligence.

Focusing on traffic might not pay at-the-moment, but, eventually, it will and it will convert traffic into sales. Once someone establishes faith in you, they are highly likely to recommend you to their friends. What follows is a chain reaction. And, to deal with this chain reaction, you need to be well equipped with the best traffic management arsenal.



Yes, conversions matter but traffic matters more, it’s that simple. After all, people can’t buy from you if they don’t come to you. What will get them to you is traffic. Looking to figure out what works best for you? Try out our A/B testing and know which pages work the best. Or, just buy one of our SEO packages, and leave optimization to our experts at Why Unified.


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