How to Increase eCommerce Sales: 24 Actionable Tips
JUNE 01, 2019

how to increase ecommerce sales- 24 actionable tips

As many as 1.66 billion people purchased online in 2017. What’s your digital marketing strategy to increase eCommerce sales?

If you want to learn how to increase eCommerce sales, you can follow these tips to take you forward.

1. Come up with coupons and discounts:

You would be surprised at how effective traditional coupons can be in increasing eCommerce sales. They act as an inventive and bait for online buyers.

2. Give away eBooks:

The truth is that most visitors to your website will end up not buying anything. What you can do however is gather their emails by offering free ebooks and other lead magnets.

3. Introduce a loyalty program:

If you want your customers to stay loyal to your brand, then you should introduce a loyalty program which will give them valuable rewards with every purchase to promote eCommerce increase in sales later after being nurtured.

4. Hold giveaways:

There are very few people on this earth who do not like free things. Hosting giveaways and announcing them online will allow you to create more buzz and promote an increase in eCommerce sales for small ticket items, in return encouraging repeat purchases.

5. Organize contests:

Holding a contest on a social media platform and promoting it well can prove to be excellent for generating awareness and increasing your traffic and eCommerce sales.

6. Spur a challenge:

You will find that most people cannot give up on the lure of a good challenge. If you want to stand out, then you can create a challenge with a common cause and invite your customers to join in.

7. Try to cross-sell:

Cross-selling is all about adding more value to your customers' eCommerce purchases. Encourage them to buy products which will work with things they have already bought.

8. Try up-selling:

You will find that up-selling can work miracles when it comes to boosting your engagement and increasing eCommerce sales. Tell your customers about the benefits of upgrading.

9. Show off your best items:

Another idea for how to increase eCommerce sales you may ask? You should display your best sellers so that buyers know what to look for.

10. Use interactive assistants:

There are so many interactive content tools nowadays which can help customers make more informed choices. Employ some of them to impress potential buyers.

11. Take the help of video demonstrations:

Creating a visual impact can go a long way in gathering more customers. Create promotional and review videos for your products often.

12. Ensure that the risk reducers are visible:

Do not limit the information relating to your “risk reducers" to just the home page. Find a place on the product page to highlight them.

13. Display user reviews:

In the age of Amazon, you can afford to hide your user reviews section. They make you more credible to potential buyers. Also, display your testimonials.

14. Allow a wishlist feature:

A wish list will effectively reduce shopping cart abandonment because customers will be able to come back and continue shopping where they left off.

15. Put trust badges:

A large number of customers do not go through with a purchase if they think that their security is threatened. Display your trust budges and security system details so they can be relieved.

16. Take advantage of user-generated content:

This will show potential buyers that there are other people out there who are buying your products and enjoying them. This is yet alone another good idea when learning how to increasing eCommerce sales.

17. Have satisfaction surveys:

Your ultimate goal is to make your customers happy, and the best way to find out if you are doing that is by asking them directly.

18. Create exit-intent popups:

These popups will prevent visitors from leaving your eCommerce website abruptly. Offer them an incentive to leave their contact information behind.

19. Use cart abandonment emails:

If you think that a user-curated a cart full of stuff and then abandoned it, send them reminder e-mails with added offers.

20. Have an automated email system:

It is up to you to make the most of the email addresses that visitors leave behind. Send them e-mails regularly keeping them updated about the latest deals.

21. Stand for a cause:

Customers love to support a company who believe in giving back to society. Engage in charity or any other social cause, it's another idea of how to increase ecommerce sales.

22. Use special occasions to your advantage:

There is always a gift rush at certain times of the year, and you can count on them to increase your eCommerce sales if you offer good deals.

23. Have your customers work as your sales force:

Nobody will be able to sell your product better than someone who has used it and loved it. Having an user-driven affiliate network can do wonders for your traffic.

24. Take advantage of Instagram:

You will find that Instagram is a visual page and creates more engagement than many other social media platforms. Create a seamless connection between your Instagram account and your online store so that one leads to another.



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