How to Increase Social Media Engagement (2 Tips!)
FEBRUARY 09, 2019

how to increase social media engagement

Do you think that you aren’t getting the results you want from your social media strategy? The key, for businesses, is not to get stuck in the same loop. Have you asked yourself how to increase social media engagement?

Ask yourself, how is your social media marketing strategy different in 2019 when it comes to increasing social media engagement?

When coming up with a good strategy, you’re sure to take a look at the different strategies they can implement. How many times have you looked at a new marketing tool, and wondered whether it could be just right for your business?

And then some of you might think that only the tried-and-true methods are ideal when it comes to gaining success. If so, you’d like to know what makes your business tick so you can build a strategy and predict the outcome. Current trends may inspire you, but you try to consider the broader picture.

The question is, which of these two is better?

The first ideology helps your social media strategy and increase social media engagement is to evolve while the second one is more reliable. If you want to edge past your competitors though, you need to focus on unique and underrated social media marketing strategies that increase engagement. It is what will set you apart from your competitors because you will be able to make the most of an underutilized area.

It can get pretty difficult to stand out when most companies are following the same social media engagement strategies. That is why you should take the road less taken.


Top Tips to Help You Improve Your Social Media Marketing Performance

The following two ideas can help you out.


1. Say Yes to Facebook Groups and Twitter Lists:

Social media marketers often ignore these two underrated features. Twitter Lists and Facebook Groups represent a set of community spaces that host people with common interests. Visitors who want to explore more of your content and learn more about your brand can join these groups.

Social media by itself does not let you know how invested your followers are in your brand. Sometimes, having a high follower count is not enough to ensure good engagement from users. Many ghost followers in the mix can mislead you. As a result, you need social media marketing tactics like Facebook Groups and Twitter Lists to find out your true followers.

While posting on your Facebook account will keep your followers updated about your latest ventures, the Group will allow them to communicate with each other and your business. They can talk about the industry in general, innovations and ideas without any restriction. This will give a much-needed human touch to your marketing efforts and increase your follower engagement.

You will be able to create a community space for your potential buyers and this is one of the ways on how to increase social media engagement. Create the group on a topic that you think would appeal to the buyers of your product. Go through keywords on Facebook and narrow down the topics of discussion.

Twitter Lists can also be used as dedicated tech community spaces to showcase curated content. You will find many industry-specific Lists on Twitter.


2. Create longer posts:

Are you scared of posting long-form content because no one will read them? No matter how interesting and passionate your commentary is, there is always the chance that someone might get bored.

The human attention span has become painfully small. Don’t worry though – Google likes content rich pages, and we will tell you why. Apart from the fact that most top-ranked Google page search results feature websites with long content pages – often above 2000 words – yous website also score brownie points overall on the search engine’s search algorithm.

If your social media marketing strategy is heavily based on text content, do continue to explore more complex ideas in order to continuously increase social media engagement

A recent study talks about how tech-savvy consumers are often able to process information better. The key is not to let your content become monotonous and boring. Create 2000-word compelling posts instead of drab 500-word tidbits. You have to research a lot and provide the information that your audience would have had to search for otherwise to save their time.

You will end up standing out among your competitors who post standard content within the 500-word limit. This will give you a huge marketing edge. Long-form content has the power to enhance your social media presence for your entire viewership.



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