How to Promote Your Business on Instagram
JANUARY 28, 2019

how to promote your business on instagram

Ever wondered how to promote your business on Instagram and market yourself on Instagram? While there is many social media marketing companies, let's take a look at a different approach you can do yourself.

Do you have a business idea in mind and the budget worries you?

Use it right, and you can use Instagram to amplify your business and learn how to sell things on Instagram - without spending a penny!

Yes, you heard me right, you can learn how to sell on Instagram.

While Instagram is widely known and used for sharing photos and videos, you’d love it as a business – for a completely different reason.

As a blogger or a brand, you can learn how to promote your business on Instagram, stories, and videos – to people across the globe. Plus, it’s a great way to improve your customer service too; a powerful medium used to bridge the gap between your business and the target audience.

So, how can you sell on Instagram and market yourself on Instagram without spending a cent? Here is what you need.

- A little planning

- Strategical action plan

Here is how you can make unbelievable profits with zero-investment by learning how to promote your business on Instagram.


Sign up for a Business profile

The social media platform allows you to create two variants of profiles – Personal and Business.

Sign up for a business profile to get detailed statistics like

- Know about the page reach, Understand your target audience with gender statistics, account views, and more

- See the different actions taken on your profile.

The analysis can help you create and post content on days when the reach, giving higher returns.

It’s a great way to make promoting your page easier and learning how to market yourself on Instagram . But do note that once you sign up for a business account, your account will be public. You cannot make it private any longer.


 How to Sign Up?

Steps to follow to sign up for a business profile to start marketing yourself on Instagram:

1. Go to the “Settings” option in the menu toolbar.

2. You will find “Sign up for a Business Profile” option.

3. Now, you will find two options to either create a new account or turn your existing account into a business profile.

4. Choose a category for your profile from a list of options given. E.g., Personal blog, Art, Product, Actor.

5. If you have a Facebook page, you can connect to it.

That’s it!


How to Attract More Eyeballs with your Business Account?

If you’re looking to leverage in on more views with your business account, here are a few tips.


Effective usage of Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t meant just to make our captions look quirky. They also help you reach out to more people.

It’s like keywords out there.

If you use the right keywords in the hashtags, and more people search about the terms, they land to your Insta page.

Thousands of users promote themselves and their business on Instagram through effective and appropriate hashtags, and you can too.

Since the people visiting your Insta page have clicked on a relevant keyword, you’d find like-minded people who are into similar interests like you. Effectively, it means that you get more business, without spending a cent.

How do You Know what Hashtags to add?

1. Once you have signed up for a business profile, you can find a call to action bar that says “Add Hashtags Now.”

2. Research and analyze the most followed and trending hashtags.

3. Add the hashtags in your captions, stories, and videos.

Job Done!


Make use of comments wisely

How do you rely on user comments?  Don’t just talk to your users to work around their worries. Instead, use this to your advantage to promote your business on Instagram.

Find posts you feel might reach your target audience better, and post your comment listing details about your business and services.


Stay Creative and Post Regularly

Instagram offers innovative ideas to stay engaged with your followers. One such trend is posting “stories.” Though they last just for 24 hours, it’s a great way to drive in the attention of your audience.

Interaction is the key to learning how to sell things on Instagram.

Conduct Question and Answer sessions regularly and use this as a medium to reach out to your followers.

Another brilliant feature of Instagram is the Live Sessions. Go live once in a while and build a conversation with the audience. Live sessions are proven to form a healthy relationship and take you a step closer to your followers.

I’m sure your followers won’t miss out on this because they get notified every time you go Live!


Use Biography Space to Your Advantage

The bio is the first thing anybody who visits your page notices which should resemble what you're promoting on Instagram. Smart yet sophisticated use of this space can result in a high number of followers.

- Keep it short and to the point.

- Avoid usage of fancy or complicated terms

- Go for simple words that are easily understood by all.

You don’t want people to stare at your page and wonder what it is, do you? Otherwise, this wouldn't be an effective way of selling things on Instagram.

Provide your website or blog URL in the Website option that you can find under Edit Profile.


Importance of CTA’s

For those of you who don’t know, a “Call to Action” button is anything that enables users to perform a certain action on your website. Words like Subscribe, Join, and Sign up still have the charm.

Link your Instagram account to your website and provide a CTA that drives people to your Instagram page.

Things to keep in mind while adding a CTA:

1. Is it catchy and attractive?

2. Is it easily understood?


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