Increase B2B Sales Leads Generation – The Quora way!
JANUARY 24, 2019

increase b2b sales leads generation

 Increase B2B Sales Leads Generation – The Quora way!

Have you started a blog or a business and looking to find out how to get B2B sales leads?

I’m sure you would have wondered how you can get your blog to be a lead magnet when you’re struggling to get in even one. Brand bias plays a significant role when it comes to converting sales –and you could get access to those high-ticket B2B clients by using that one simple platform – Quora!

Integrating your B2B sales leads generation strategy with Quora can yield great results – here is how.


What is Quora that everyone is talking about?

If you don’t know about Quora, a digital platform to gain knowledge, let’s break it down for you.

It’s a forum where you can ask just about any question and expect relevant answers and views.

The site has become one of the healthier platforms to share what you know and can help drive long term traffic to your blog or business. It’s not a link building strategy as such, as any links on the site are no-follow. However, every Quora post is read by hundreds and thousands of viewers so that it can act as a great brand-building strategy for B2B sales leads generation– and potentially, more sales.

Want to know how? Read further to discover its magical features!


Features in Quora that You’ll Love

Link building strategies may not always work. Sure, they can help you get more SEO juice, but you’ll need to create brand awareness too to build credibility for finding B2B sales leads.

Whenever you answer a question in Quora, it stays there - and doesn’t disappear.

The “Upvote” feature enables readers to vote for the answer or suggestion that they feel has worked for them. If you’ve insightful and useful answers, you receive more upvotes. More of these mean more clicks back to your site, as readers are more likely to inquire about you. It will also mean more b2b sales leads – clients who are interested in what you’ve to say and want to know if you could help them.

So, if you’re an app development company, you can answer questions about new technologies, and trends. Include your website link in the answer, and you’ll have more interested visitors.

To get started, just search for topics on Quora you can answer. Look for ones that one cannot get an answer to in a simple Google search.

Isn’t that an amazing way to get clients to notice you?

So, how do you get people to view your answer and Upvote?


Follow these simple strategies that actually work!

1. Create an Impressive Business Profile

Use your business profile space to-

  • Provide information about you
  • Layout details about your company
  • Showcase your achievements
  • Let people know your strengths and topics you’re knowledgeable about.

Another important feature in your profile that catches the eye of viewers is – the short description that appears next to your name.

Now, this is where you must act smart!

Create a catchy headline that will make heads turn towards your profile. Use this as a magic wand to convince people why they should consider your answers and trust you.

Do it the right way, and this method will drive long-term followers to your business.

2. Focus on The Right Way to Answer

Now that you know how to set up an impressive profile that targets your B2B leads, it’s time to find out what and how to answer.

  • Do your research

Spend some time figuring out what people are interested to know about. In short, check for topics that are trending.

  • Answer smartly

Be detailed when answering but don’t go overboard. Many of the answers that receive upvotes talk about personal experiences and offer a comprehensive answer taking into account different scenarios.

  • Personal experiences as answers are proven to gain the attention of readers.

If you have good story-telling skills, use it here!

  • Frame your answers in a story format to make it more engaging.

Honestly, nobody wants to read a boring paragraph, do they?

  • Use images to make your post look attractive and catchy.
  • Stay committed and post regularly. Consistency is the key to success. Expecting a huge number of followers with just one post isn’t realistic. Consistency is the key to success.

Follow this simple strategy for B2B sales leads generation –

While constructing your answer, make the first few lines convincing and interesting. It will make the readers want to read the entire answer.

Also, while you can answer in Quora, it’s a great idea to link your website or a blog page that has more information. It just increases how many visitors you get.

Sounds smart right? Do it regularly and notice the growing number of followers which consist of qualified B2B sales leads.


In a nutshell

Quora is a growing platform to grow your business. The knowledge hungry and active user base of Quote – potentially a gold mine for high-ticket B2B sales lead generation – is waiting for you.


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