Increase Email Open Rates: Email Marketing Subject Lines
OCTOBER 13, 2019

Increase Email Open Rates - Email Marketing Subject Lines

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, generating an ROI of $44 for every dollar spent. Yet your email may get lost in the crowded inbox of your potential customers and never be opened. In fact, the average email open rate is around 20.81%.

So how do you ensure that the rest 80% of your customers open your email? Email marketing subject lines!

By writing an appealing subject line! Why?

Because the subject line attracts your audience and compels them to click the email. Also, 35% customers decide whether to open an email based on the subject line.

Today, we will tell you how to optimize your subject line to increase email open rates. Here's how to go about that:


1. Strike a Great First Impression

The first email you send to your customers is the welcome email. Welcome emails are really effective, generating 320% more revenue than other promotional emails, and their email open rates as high!

You should do everything to create a great first impression with your welcome email. Write a email marketing subject line that generates curiosity and intrigues your customers in opening the email. Here's an example of a welcome email from Monday.com to help you craft your own subject line-

"You're in! Quick video inside."

It's short, sweet, direct to the point and encourages the customer to take action.


2. Look to Deliver Value

Don't write your email marketing subject lines with the aim of selling! Email marketing subject lines are meant to entice the reader into opening the email and deliver value. Your email subject line makes you committed to the reader and you should fulfill your promise.

The body of the email should also provide value and not make the reader regret his decision of opening the email. Remember, the goal is to increase email open rates.


3. Keep a Tab on Character Limit

Various email clients have different word limits for the subject line. It's imperative that your subject line should be within the world limit. Here's a list of few email clients and character limit for the subject line-

  • Outlook- 54 to 73 characters
  • Gmail- 70 characters
  • com- 60 characters
  • Yahoo Mail- 46 characters
  • Android- 27 to 62 characters
  • iPhone- 41 to 64 characters

A few tips to consider-

  • Subject lines with 61 to 70 characters tend to get read
  • You can also use short subject lines of 41 to 50 characters (especially for mobile)

Find out what device most of your customers use to decide your subject line length.


4. Make the Most of Preview Text

Preview text is the one or two lines of text that follow your subject line. Your readers will be able to see the preview text even before opening your email. You can use this preview text to provide a summary of your email or to complement your subject line. Choose the right words to encourage your users to take the next action and increase your email open rates with this simple text.

Here's an example from Pinterest-

Subject line- "14 Ideas in Technology Lessons "

Preview text- "We found some pins we think might be right up your alley."


5. Don't Sound Spammy

Make sure your email marketing subject lines don't get detected as spam by email filters.

  • Don't use all caps or too many punctuations
  • Don't put "Re" or "Fwd" in subject lines


6. Sync Email Copy with Subject Line

The body of your email should align with your subject line. It should feel like a continuation of the message and elaborate on the topic you have raised in your subject line. Don't make the mistake of using click-bait subject lines that don't match with the email copy as it's known to decrease email open rates.


7. Integrate Sense of Urgency

Try to create a sense of urgency with your subject line that persuades the reader to take action. Humans are always scared of missing out and you can make the most of this instinct. Use a few words in your subject line that signifies urgency like-

  • Time is running out"
  • "It's the last day to act"
  • "Act before it's too late"


8. Include Offers in Email Marketing Subject Line

If you are giving an offer, make sure to include it in the subject line. It works like wonder and makes the reader open your email. Here are a few examples:

  • "Get $25 off on your next purchase"
  • "Congrats! You just got $30 free cash in your wallet"
  • "Order today and get 20% off on your next purchase"


9. Measure, Refine, Repeat

Measure the effectiveness of your subject lines and find out what clicks with your audience. Then refine and use the best ones for maximum open rates.


Final Thoughts

A bit of optimization and a great subject line can increase your email open rates significantly. You can also take help of the following tips-

  • Use emojis to improve the appeal of your subject line
  • Personalize the text with personal details of your customer like name
  • Use email automation to send activity-based offers
  • Optimize subject line for mobiles


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