Interior Designer Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
MAY 12, 2019

interior designer marketing strategies and digital marketing ideas

Are you in the interior design industry and are looking to do more with interior designer marketing strategies that you can implement today?

Competing against other interior design firms has become quite intense, and if you have a wrong marketing strategy, you’re surely losing out. To come out a winner, you need the right digital marketing strategy. We will tell you why.

1. Customer Education

You know that you are the best but how can you ensure that to your customers? Did others have a look at your portfolio? The first step is to inform potential clients of the services you offer, something that a good interior designer marketing plan helps you with.

2. Gives You That Little Push

Giving your interior design business that extra yet necessary push will not only help you do more but also sustain your business in the long run. That's what all businesses hope for, isn't it?

3. Brings in the Glamour

Do you have people looking at your brand? No? Why not?

Interior designer marketing gives your business that glamorous facade that attracts customers and makes them never want to look away. It imprints that well-designed exterior in their minds and associates it with the name of your business. Whenever someone thinks interior design let them think about you!


Why Can Your Interior Designer Marketing Strategy Fail?

Do you feel that interior design marketing ideas don't guarantee anything the standard marketing methods do?  You are trying out the wrong approach.

Did you target the correct audience? Did you use the right digital platform for your business? Do you have an interior design website that brings in customer engagement? How effectively is your CTA’s designed, and where are they placed in the text? A/B testing helps, but that’s just part of the deal. Here are a few reasons why things can go wrong.

  • Your logo or site caption just isn’t catchy enough.

Your logo should scream the finesse your work embosses. Not only will it reflect the prestige of your work but also project a persona of elite authority in the field.

  • You’re just focusing on one channel

Directing your digital marketing through one channel only isn’t a good idea for interior designers. It’s easy to believe that since you offer a specific kind of work, your target audience is limited. Remember, interior design is a growing business, and everyone from businesses to individuals needs it.


How Can We Help?

Our interior designer marketing strategies offer different programs that will not only solidify your presence in the interior design market but also help you come out successful and thriving. Choose from our many plans (or all of them), and leave it up to us to help build your brand identity.


An SEO Strategy for Interior Designers to Get the Word Across

Our search engine optimization for interior designers' aims is to help build awareness for your business by keyword optimization, as well as link building. Our digital marketing strategies are based on white-hat SEO, and we keep you in the loop all the way, with weekly progress reports.

So, you’ll have customers searching for "interior design business" getting directed to your site sooner than you know it.


Tailored Interior Designer Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing for interior designers helps promote your business on different social media platforms. With low CPC costs, we drive in more customer engagement, helping you be found among millions of other social media users. Our paid marketing plans help you compete better. Our paid campaigns, on the other hand, are created by experts who have done it all before!


Content Marketing Program

How good is your interior design website content? Are you guest posting to other websites? Do you’ve people talking about you?

Our content marketing program will help you create content specific to the interior design niche, and is made for your target audience. We ensure that Google loves what we write, and spice things up with videos, blogs, and posts making for a great interior designer marketing strategies, and one that your audience loves.


Retarget to Bring in More Engagement

Retargeting for interior designers has us creating ads that bring in more customer engagement. With retargeting, you already have viewers who are interested in what you’ve to offer.  You just have to put in the final push – and our ads do just that.

Retargeting has proven itself to be an effective tool, helping focus on the right audience while building your brand image.


Email Marketing for Interior Designers

Looking to do more? We also offer an interior design email marketing plan which aims to generate more value for you. Talk to your audience with weekly emails, and build customer engagement. Or, make others know about you and increase your brand value. More brand value translates to more sales, without the need to advertise time and again!


A/B Testing

Are your landing pages doing the trick?

Increase your customer revenue with our A/B testing program for you and get to know your audience's needs better. Tailor your services to generate more sales. With our help, find out precisely what you need and what you're lacking - to build a better, stronger you.

Our interior design marketing strategies are your go-to digital marketing provider. We'll help you provide the right message, reach the right people, and become the number 1 interior design business on the market.



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