Lending Firm Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas
SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

Lending Firm Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Ideas

The increasing pace of technological development in the world has made the world of lending firm marketing strategies a fundamental part of our lives.

Every day, new tools are created, unifying markets, offering growth and expansion without much investment.


Digital marketing: option or need?

As Bill Gates says, "What is not on the Internet does not exist". Businesses are increasingly looking to have more web presence, taking advantage of these tools to globalize their operations

The behaviour of the digital marketing trend is seen with the growth of large companies such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, etc. These companies have something in common: they all work on the internet, exploiting digital marketing tools available to expand operations in the digital unified marketing.

The most used tools in advertising are social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Users often create business pages on these platforms to promote and publish their products and services.

The idea is that consumers get what they need without having to mobilize so much, saving time and resources. That is why companies are opting to create their web pages, with their embedded virtual store, where customers can make their payments and then search for their merchandise without any problem.


Common mistakes that companies make in the digital financial market.

There are many mistakes that companies are currently making with their lending firm marketing strategies, the main one being resistance to change. Many things are now changing, and if we do not adapt, we stagnate and rot.

In digital lending firm marketing, it is essential to know what tools are currently being used, and the responses of users and their preferences.


Commercials: a good or bad investment.

Commercials are one of the most used advertising in financial marketing, either digital or physical. The issue with this advertising is the acceptance of the public.

Therefore, it is essential to know the acceptance of the population before investing in commercial advertising. Current trends in lending firm marketing strategies indicate that consumers do not like anything that is forced.

That means that commercials on television or social networks, which are imposed by the platform, are excluded by the consumer, looking for something else and excluding the commercials.


Using Billboards.

Billboards, already almost extinct, are a bad investment. These no longer attract the attention of the client, and in financial digital marketing, more news publications and states are used on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Another disadvantage that billboards have against lending firm marketing tools, is that they have a reach limited to their location, while in Instagram, you can reach everyone.


Expansion in many local branches and little scope.

The locales are currently the worst investments in what the expansion is concerned, since many expenses are incurred, and the scope is limited.

In lending firm marketing, with web platforms, virtual stores are the best investments when it comes to expansion.

A digital platform like a virtual store, allows you to expand without having to build other stores and incur many expenses, this is the main advantage of this digital marketing tool.


Marketing channels that are currently trending.

Right now, there are many channels you can use to promote your business. They were born from the most used functions on the internet to day, so they ensure you’re marketing yourself on the channels that most people use, ensuring good exposition.

Luckily, there’s a solution right now in the form of Unified Marketing, which is the combination of all trending marketing channels, and WhyUnified.com offers different programs that can help you take marketing for lending firms into all channels.

1. Unified Marketing

Content marketing has been one of the pillars of financial digital marketing.

Financial advice, top investment lists, how to use lending firms to nurture your investments, they’re all content your potential customers will love, which results in trust and clients!

2. Unified Workplace.

Unified Workplace is the ultimate solution to build your own efficient workplace.

It includes project management, helpdesks, appointment scheduling, customer support, and everything you need to optimize your business!


Why Unified

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